My massive Beauty Supply purchase

I went and made a couple of large purchases the other day – things I had been putting off… for a LONG time. One order with and one order with e.l.f. Click on any of the images to be taken to or e.l.f.

I will start out here with the items I have already used before and I’m buying again.

Isn’t that the true test of a product anyway? Would you buy it again?

Australian Organics Intensive Care Shampoo for Dry, Colored or Chemically Treated Hair

I have ordered this before and fell in love with it. Shortly after I ordered it, stopped carrying it … and I couldn’t find it locally so I actually e-mailed the company which is in fact in Australia. They said they were working on getting it back on and they didn’t sell it anywhere else in the US at that time. Now that it’s back, I went ahead and bought 2 bottles.
For about $5 a bottle, it actually beats some of the more expensive competitors and it has quality ingredients. If you can find St. Ives Intensive Hair Conditioner, they are a perfect pair (but I can’t seem to find it, online or off.) I wrote St. Ives yesterday.

Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Another item that I have sampled in the past. It’s a really good healthy cleanser if you can get over the fact that it doesn’t foam and it doesn’t feel quite like you’ve rinsed it all off (until your face dries.) That’s because it does have orange oil in it. My face has a tendency to break out, and this did not cause it to get any worse – in face it seemed to help some. The best part is that my face looks fresh and glowing – I think in part because it’s well moisturized with this.

If you don’t want to buy an entire tube, one of the Burt’s Bees travel kits has a sample of this product and other goodies.

Nature’s Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment System for Females

The last time I tried this I loved it for a few months. My face looked fabulous. But as with most pills, I seem to become immune after a few months (I have seasonal allergies too and I’ve become immune to the various things I’ve tried for that if taken on a daily basis as well.)

I can’t use the Benzyl Peroxide Cream it comes with because I will break out in a rash if I do.

The other downside I found is that when my face clears up with this , my back starts to break out (which it NEVER does otherwise.) So I have to get the Body Acne kit as well. The plus to this is that the body acne spray is Salicylic Acid which I’m not allergic to and helps clear up the one inevitably remaining pimple that I get.

I will see if I have the same problem as last time of becoming immune to it after a few months.

Tweezerman Skin Care Tool

I have not tried this product. I have read good and bad about using a tool like this. I figured though if the Nature’s Cure fails me after a few months, I would be trying this. I couldn’t find one locally, so I went ahead and bought it online.

Beauty Without Cruelty Eye Make-Up Remover, Extra Gentle

If you haven’t noticed, I like items with natural ingredients. Then again, I use waterproof mascara. Even the most unnatural and expensive eye makeup removers I’ve tried I have not been completely happy with. Too many feel oily even if they are oil free. Others don’t really get all of the waterproof mascara off.

The closest I’ve come to something I like is Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths. I keep these in my travel/gym bag because they are really convenient but I thought I would go ahead and give this eye makeup remover a try.

I will report back with my findings.

Vidal Sassoon Professional Ion Select Dryer, 1875W, VS519

My hairdryer is older, this one has interesting new tech AND at the very least has more heat and speed settings than my current dryer does. Since my hair has gotten longer (well below shoulders) it’s driving me nuts with how long it takes to dry.

Conair Satin Finish, Instant Heat Ultra Slim Straightener, 3/4″ CS4CS

Again with the hair – I have naturally curly hair. I have a nice big barrel curling iron but no true straightener. Wanted to get this one for awhile in hopes of it being able to straighten all of this hair I have pretty quickly.

Tweezerman SPA Petite Tweeze Set

My old tweezers are cheap drugstore tweezers. They’re getting to where they won’t grab the hairs. I hear that tweezerman is the best and at that price they should be … and if not they also have a warranty so I thought I would give them a shot.

Hypershine Gloss in Gourmet Peach (pictured is Peony)

Gourmet peach is a nice basic clear gloss with some shimmer to it. I’m almost out of my last tube so I thought I would get a few more since I was already going to be making an order with E.L.F.

I’m not usually a big fan of the brush tubes but this one is pretty decent. The cotton candy scent isn’t overwhelming either (though be careful, some of the other scents, in my opinion, are pretty obnoxious.) Anything with cotton candy scent or sugar orange isn’t overpowering though.

e.l.f. Professional 9 pc. Master Set

I wanted a decent set of brushes and a case to go with them. These look pretty decent (for brushes that don’t cost $20 each) so I thought I would give them a try. It’s only $15

Mechanical Eyelash Curler

One of the things about ordering from e.l.f. is that you tend to buy some things you might not need … because it’s only $1 … and while you’re paying the shipping and handling you might as well… and you don’t already have an eyelash curler … and isn’t everyone supposed to have one? Excuses, excuses.

It’s got a rubber pad to cushion your lashes as it curls. Silicon pads are supposed to be better I read somewhere but I don’t plan on using this daily. More like special occasions … or maybe just Halloween.

I also got the travel mirror as a sort of unnecessary item.

There are three other items but I will leave those for another day.