Derby attire

Full Derby Outfit 2012 with hat

If you’re from KY you know that the Kentucky Derby is a big deal here. My planning this year failed miserably because Tim was actually at Churchill Downs serving up the Woodford Reserve $1000 Mint Juleps. And somehow most of the people I know were either at the event working, out of town, or just wanted to quietly watch the race at home (and I think some were partying with a group of parrotheads.)

But I decided I was going to dress up anyway, posted on facebook to see if anyone had any last minute invites and crossed my fingers that a party would either appear or someone would at least go have a Mint Julep at a bar with me to watch the Derby itself.

Nope, no such luck but I was determined to head out anyway. I did luck out that there was actually an available seat at Harry’s bar over in Palomar.

And I chickened out on the hat mostly because I didn’t want to either block someone’s view, hit someone with it or take it off and have to find a place to store it.

  • Hat:Forever21 Basketweave Floppy Hat for only $5.50! I had come across this the night before and thought it was perfect.
  • Dress: strapless from White House / Black Market bought a couple of years ago.
  • Cardi: Target Mossimo bought a couple of years ago. Because I didn’t want to wear a strapless bra with the strapless dress I threw this on so you couldn’t tell. Usually I don’t tie it but it worked better with this dress tied.
  • Shoes: Simply Vera heels from Kohl’s mentioned here previously.

And in case you were wondering, I did drive through betting at Keeneland on Friday. I really wanted Hansen to win. Actually the horse with the best name was Daddy Long Legs but usually those that I’m drawn to like that tend to come in dead last. I had bet Hansen, Bodemeister, and Take Charge Indy for the trifecta and I had also bet a couple of others as well. The only winning ticket I had was Bodeimeister to Place (which means come in first or second) so I will get $6.20 back of the $18 I bet 🙂

Some random shoe shopping

Neither of the cuter shoes were available in my size. The one shoe I did try on was a bit too funky for me but I thought I would share the photo of the zigg zagg heel anyway. I really did like the nude pump with the decorative heel.

These three photos were taken at Burlington Coat Factory. I usually don’t mind looking through disorganized discount items but the selection here were a bit more of a mess than most places. Some shoes didn’t seem to have a match, some shoes didn’t seem to have a price or correlating box. Mostly the shoes I wanted weren’t available in my size.

LBD …. nope LBHeels

Target – Merona Vilma Suede Peep-Toe Pumps in Black

target black heels

The photo on their website doesn’t do these shoes justice at all and my photo is only a little better. They are gorgeous, sexy and also simple enough to go with almost anything at the same time. I had been eying a pair of Nine West Bonfire shoes online and these look exactly the same. The only bad news is that there are only two colors in the Target brand (black and grey) and I kinda was hoping for black leather instead of suede.

On top of how awesome they look, they are comfortable for heels. At some point a few years ago I messed up my toe on my left foot and ever since even just trying on a pair heels typically causes a sharp and severe pain in that toe. This pair there’s no sharp pain. I think my weight is more on my heel than the ball of my foot (not completely but more than most) AND the sole of the shoe is rubberized so your not sliding ALL over the place. They are 3.5″ heels so they are pretty high and I can’t say these are walking shoes but I am REALLY happy with this purchase.

Dries Van Noten shoes

I have wanted these shoes for a long time but can’t bring myself to fork over that much money for a pair of heels I will rarely wear (I love the look of heels but even the most comfy heels bother one of the toes on my left foot after more than 2 hours.)


Sorry to the ebay seller I nabbed the image from – the other place I’ve seen these shoes with good photos is Sea of Shoes’ blog but I think it’s got slightly different beading – I don’t remember the big stone on that right shoe (pictured on the left.)

I’ve been mentally trying to come up with a way to convert a pair of flats into something that might look similar but it’s going to take me awhile since I’ll have to find beads and do the hand beading myself (I don’t think I can get a cobbler to do that part of the project.) And no, I will not be copying them exactly.