Neons & Neutral

I’ve recently been noticing I’m liking neons and neutral’s on pinterest.

It might have something to do with recently buying Zoya’s “Lo” and it being a lot brighter than I expected.

But I like it a lot. Especially with outfits that involve my leopard ballet flats.

What I wore today – Jan 11, 2012

I’ve been loving these leopard ballet flat’s I picked up on sale after Christmas at Kohl’s. I had been eyeing them for awhile but had them on my Christmas wish list so I had resisted buying them.

And the shirt, it’s not something I would normally pick up because of the bow and the waistband that makes it look tucked in. I liked wearing it though and it’s uber comfy too.

As a side note: have you ever had an article of clothing that you love and wear often and then you see a pic of yourself in it and go “eeee they do this weird thing here…. That’s not flattering.” Well I think in all the years I’ve owned them, the brown pants have never been photographed. And I took a lot of pictures today before I got one where the crotch area doesn’t look strange. They’ve gone from favorite pants to “errr maybe It’s time to go pants shopping.”


I ♥ clearance stuff… brown suede hat

Yup, bought a hat I had no plans to buy. Went in to Kohl’s to look at shoes and came out with a hat. Bam.

For just under $7!

Originally $30-something!

I don’t think I’ve bought a non-baseball cap hat since high school. I don’t even think I’ve bought a winter-y knit hat in that long either. Trying to get a little variety back into my wardrobe here. 🙂

I seem to be dressed as a candycorn – thrifted sweaters

No, I will not be wearing the yellow polo, orange sweater combo out of the house. I got over holiday dressing a long time ago. For some reason the orange was making my skin look extra pink when I took a photo so I tried the yellow under it but it reminded me of candycorn.

These are actually the two sweaters I picked up from Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $2.50 each. Both looked brand new with no pilling. One was a light wool from Eddie Bauer (cotton, nylon, rayon, cashmere) and the other was Old Navy (wool.)

Both were dryclean only so I pick them up from the dry cleaner tomorrow.
Total cost of two sweaters with drycleaning will be a little over $12.

I’m still up in the air a bit about the orange one. It looked good in the mirror but it really doesn’t work with my skin in the photos so I’m not sure which one is lying to me. But the brown is a good basic.