Supa Cute … Supa Small darnit

So I’ve been bargin hunting on ebay for some shirts and such lately and came across these incredibly cute shirts. The problem… there’s no way in heck, even with extreme dieting that I would ever fit into the largest size of these shirts – they’re made for little tiny Japanese girls. So if anyone knows of anywhere that would sell these in more normal american sizes, please please let me know!

I like these but would probably make it shorter (cut off the bottom sequins and make it more of a normal length shirt):

Japanese gathered neck shirt dress

Japanese gathered neck shirt dress

This one I just like as is … maybe without the lace so I could pick a cami to put under it but really I think this is just really cute:

Japanese bubble sleeve shirt

Japanese bubble sleeve shirt


2 responses to “Supa Cute … Supa Small darnit”

  1. Administrator Avatar

    ebay is where I found these

  2. Jocelyn Avatar

    what is the url for these??
    i like them a lot
    and i tried searching for reyko and some bad sites came up