My mannequin came in the mail today!

It’s a plastic form on a hanger which means it won’t take up too much space and it will hang nice and neat on the door hooks I have already. This will definately make it easier to actually show everyone what these clothes could look like on (I pondered a sewing dress form with a stand but couldn’t mentally justify the cost since I don’t have a sewing machine here right now.)

In a bit of a warped way it’s like a giant plastic barbie doll (or at least a section of one) 🙂

dress with mennequin


3 responses to “My mannequin came in the mail today!”

  1. Administrator Avatar

    It’s actually a dress that came out of my Great Aunt’s closet. It will be part of an estate sale once I can find the time to set up the ebay store to help sell the clothes and shoes.

    Because her clothes came from all different eras, I’ll have to measure and photograph everything (size 6 today is definately different from a size 6 today … and she had all different sizes) – this is definately going to be a time consuming task.

    I will post on this blog when everything is online for sale so keep an eye out.

  2. I love the Dress!!!! please tell me where you found/bought it !!!

  3. I too have one of these. I bought mine for $5 when a store was closing. It helps a lot when I am putting clothes together.