Lucy Perfect Core Women’s X-Training Pant

Lucy Activewear Free Shipping on $125+ (pnls photo)

Full disclosure: This is NOT a paid post (nor were the pants sent to me) but the ad to the left is an affiliate link. The pants were purchased via which I will also be reviewing in this post.

Lucy Fit guide:,default,pg.html

Sizing: I bought the Large short and they fit as expected. Make sure you measure your inseam to decide whether you need the regular or short. I was on the fence about sizes so I ordered up because of the compression (I sometimes wear a medium, sometimes a large.)

Fabric: The material is amazingly soft while not being too loose or see through. The quality is impressive. The seams are done such that they won’t rub or chafe. The material after the first wash still looks new; no pilling, no fuzz. These are not your average yoga pants. But for almost $90 (more on that in a minute) they should be better and they do meet that expectation.

Where I personally have a problem is the “strategically-placed mesh insets on the abdominals and lower back.” While this is intended to “remind you to keep your core engaged while it smoothes and shapes,” because I have some chronic lower back problems, it irritated my back. Not while simply wearing them but after a workout I felt like that area of my body had been worked out a little too much too quickly. I don’t want to get into exact medical details on this blog but let’s just say I’ve had problems and I’ve seen chiropractors.

This means it will be excellent for most people but if tight things near your lower back make your back hurt, you might want to pass on these pants.

Since I have had some pretty scary situations with my lower back, I’m actually going to sell these pants on ebay. Honestly I was really disappointed that my lower back was going to make me give these up so I will probably research and buy something else from Lucy soon because I really like the quality – if not pants then maybe a top.

I don’t need to be on top of trends when it comes to exercise wear so I will probably buy again through just in respect to discounts and because they often will have at least a few clearance Lucy items.

So on to a quick review of

  • You do have to sign up and create an account in order to be able to even shop.
  • You do NOT have to buy anything or deal with any monthly charges like birchbox or deal with “skip month” options like jewelmint.
  • This is considered a flash sale site but it tends to be made up of clearance items from top brands. That said, it’s still top brands and they are heavily discounted.
  • They do send several enewsletters per week. Usually announcing new products or a featured product category.

I was able to get the Lucy Perfect Core X-trainer yoga pants for $39.98 plus $7.98 S&H. That may still be the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of yoga pants but that is a DEEP discount from their original $89 price tag. The newer Perfect Core pants are $98!

Shipping both times I’ve ordered from them has been fairly prompt. I’m not sure I would schedule a vacation around an order arriving at an exact date and time but I would say they are fairly quick and timely. The packaging was good and there were no hassles.

If you love good deals on fitness gear, definitely go check them out:

KlutchClub May & June 2012

May KLUTCHclub box June KLUTCHclub box

Click to see a larger image (May on the left, June on the right)

What’s inside the MAY Box:

  • Hydroxatone’s Instant Effect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer
  • ONE coconut water
  • Moving Comfort sports bras
  • Yoga Download classes
  • Think Thin bars
  • KLUTCHclub water bottle

What’s inside the JUNE Box:

  • Saavy-Boheme African Black Hand Soap
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
  • Body Language Sportswear $25 Gift Card
  • Journey Bar
  • OG Sacks $30 Gift Card (Premium grocery and yoga bags with washable liners.)
  • mybarre3 Free Month of Workout Downloads
  • Crum Creek Soy Nut Mix

klutchclub – like a fitness & health birchbox

KlutchClub is an interesting new company: A fitness and health box similar to birchbox but instead of makeup, full of goodies like DVDs, food and organic items. I’ve done an unboxing video linked below:

Ignore my comment about what people got in their box, it looks like everyone gets the same box and the website has more details on what the April box contains now:

There may be some variance on the flavor of the potato lentil chips or some of the other items but I expect overall they are fairly similar.

What they say their company does: “We know you already know the value of accessing the best products and services to help you live full and healthy lives.  But here’s a reminder to help you fully explore KLUTCHclub.  Each month, you’ll receive a  selection of items that have inspired, motivated, nourished, comforted, and even pampered us.  You’ll receive anything from nutritious snacks to brilliant skincare to cutting-edge fitness regimes, all from a range of partner companies that we know and trust.  In addition, you’ll get exclusive discounts and offerings only available to KLUTCHclub subscribers.”

In my box:

  • “Kristin McGee’s Power Yoga” dvd
  • HyDrive Energy drink in Berry Blast
  • Zico natural coconut water
  • Tea Forte sample pack with cherry marzipan, honey yuzu, and cucumber mint flavors
  • Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser. Micro-dermabrasion in a bottle. A cleansing organic deep-pore facial wash.
  • Barlean’s Organic Oils Mango Peach Organic Swirl. Organic omega 3, flax and fish oil supplement.
  • Plentils in Garlic & Parmesen flavor. Gluten Free, wheat free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, peanut free, fish free, tree nut free, shelfish free.
  • Enjoy Life “Not Nuts: Seed & Frut Mix” in Mountain Mambo
  • Kind Plus Bar in Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + protein
  • gift code for $25 off of Hyde organic yoga clothing

It’s $18 per month if you do the month to month “subscription” and there is a 3 month or 12 month subscription option as well which will get you a bit of a discount. They have a page for next month’s preview but they don’t have anything up there just yet.

KlutchClub Subscription Screenshot

I’m really happy I did this and I will probably continue to do this box on a month to month basis because these brands are brands that I know and already love plus I’m still getting to try enough that are new to me that it’s an excellent deal. At least so far. 😉

Are there other “box subscription” style programs you’re subscribed to? If so, which ones? Do you like this new subscription trend? I’ve been thinking about trying the Eco Emi subscription, are there any others I should be looking into?

Update: The yoga dvd was kinda disappointing but again still a good box.

I am however glad I’m doing this one month to month because the May box is a little less interesting to me personally.

May 2012 box

  •     Hydroxatone’s Instant Effect 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer this would be the expensive sample item in this box. If you’re interested in this, purchase this box because the full size is $70! This is however something I wouldn’t use, not natural enough and I don’t really have any fine lines to worry about.
  •     ONE coconut water I do like some coconut water but this doesn’t alone make this box worth it for me.
  •     Moving Comfort sports bras $25 off. Use coupon code: MOM and get 20% off your klutch order this month. So $14.40 for $25 off would be a good deal if I wanted one of these sports bras. For me, meh. For someone having a hard time finding a good sports bra to hold everything in place, I have heard good things about this brand.
  •     Yoga Download classes LOVE yoga downloads. They have a podcast that’s excellent and I’ve donated money to them to keep them going. Also bought the android app for the kindle fire. But not worth the box.
  •     Think Thin bars they use too much soy protein for me
  •     A KLUTCHclub water bottle meh