Odd N Ends

First attempt at chevron and neon nails. “and go and get yourself some cheap sunglasses…” I scratch my old sunglasses and needed some new. The kiosk mirrors were horrible so I was taking photos with my phone to get a better look. Yeah the dresses are not working … was trying to find a dress… Continue reading Odd N Ends

Some recent business outfits

I recently snagged some new Chico’s pants (3 pair) when they went on sale for a day so I’ve been dressing up a bit more than usual. I know it sounds odd but I’m a jeans fan. Let’s start with the pink (I’m surprised pink worked on me),  khaki and gold sort of look: Chico’s Cavalry… Continue reading Some recent business outfits

Cyrus Knits?

Anyone ever hear of this company? Their website is offline but I bought this cute shirt at TJMaxx this afternoon for $7 and there was another one I liked but it was too small. The patterns are both out of the norm but they look good.