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  • Zoya – they’re here!

    Zoya – they’re here!

    Just got my freebies from the facebook promo code in today. I also purchase the Zoya Renew for a couple of other polishes I currently have that were getting old. Quick review on it is that it did make one sheer less streaky and easier to apply but I didn’t take a photo to share.…

  • Zoya Loredana, Lulu, & Shiloh

    Zoya Loredana, Lulu, & Shiloh

    The three I finally chose as my Facebook promo code freebies were Loredana, Lulu and Shiloh. I also went ahead and ordered their “renew” product that’s supposed to help revive nail polish that has gotten thicker. I figured it might help if something goes on streaky as well (I have a couple of older ones…