Zoya – they’re here!

Just got my freebies from the facebook promo code in today.

I also purchase the Zoya Renew for a couple of other polishes I currently have that were getting old. Quick review on it is that it did make one sheer less streaky and easier to apply but I didn’t take a photo to share. I’ll probably do a more in depth review at another time.

The first photo is taken in my car in daylight and it’s the truest to actual color of the quick photos I took. Lulu, Shiloh and Loredana.

Please excuse the quick application and dark photo.
Shiloh is a great easy red. It’s very glossy looking. Slightly sheer for a red but not by much. It reminds me of a lollipop or some other red hard candy. Not orangy and not purple-y. I think it’s going to work well on most skin tones. There are little tiny tiny tiny sparkles. Super easy to apply and fast to dry. I’m going to redo my nails in this color tonight for a longer test-run.

Next up is Loredana which is a matte gray. It’s a little surprising going on because at first it looks like a glittery dark gray and then once it dries it looks like this:

I don’t remember ever owning a matte nail polish before. One downside I hear is that they don’t last as long. I will let you know what I find out. I wish the shade were just a hair lighter gray but I do really like this for a fall, winter sort of color.

I did not take a photo of Lulu. It’s a very sheer color and my inside photos were bad enough as it is. You really wouldn’t be able to get a good sense of the color. I will review it at a later date. It did go on well, just more sheer than I expected. I like it but I think it would take a lot of coats to get to the color of the spoon sample I had.