Site Spotlight: Garmz

I was a little worried at first that this was another crowdsourced site that abuses people’s time and talent. Instead this looks like it’s actually a community driven site where people can vote for designs to be brought to life.

I don’t know what the standard profit for a clothing designer is but 5% does seem a bit low to me. HOWEVER the designer does NOT have to hire seamstresses, deal with employee benefits and taxes, marketing or eat the cost of a a whole warehouse of merchandise that won’t sell. I think this is a fair deal for someone who has talent but doesn’t plan on working their way through the usual channels to become a fashion designer. Great potential for both consumers and designers in this sense.

The other thing I’m VERY happy to see is that “You keep the copyrights to all your designs.”

The biggest bad news in my opinion is that shipping to the US is going to cost 22 EUR … so about $30 shipping. But it’s still overall somewhat reasonable – for example the following cape would be about $135 including shipping which is still in the range of an outerwear cape at Macy’s. Not cheap but not outrageous either.

Check it out: