Predicting Trends?

I was noticing something in my analytics – that a post I made about mix and match nail polish back in April had started picking up. I’m not the only one who noticed this back in April so it’s not like I’m claiming to be some sort of genius here. I just find it interesting.

Predicting fashion trends - mix and match nail polish

I have started to see more of this on pinterest and I’ve spotted it a couple of times locally. Mostly the two toned nails with most nails painted one color and then 2-3 nails painted something else usually vibrant or glittery.

I have actually done this several times now myself as well instead of just compiling a bunch of photos from other people.

I’m wondering if things like Pinterest will escalate the speed or adoption of certain trends though. I don’t think I currently subscribe to enough fashion magazines to tell how they’re affecting this trend in particular.

My next prediction? We’ll start seeing denim shirts paired with brights and whites in the spring. I gathered that in October which wasn’t exactly the right season for that look but I do really like it. It’s almost timeless looking though so I don’t know if it’s can also be trendy. 🙂

Confetti Masquerade Ball & Wet N Wild Sparked {nails}

Anyway I was aiming for a wine color but it’s not quite as perfect as I wanted. This is more the shade I wanted:

But I like the idea of a pop of pink sparkle on top of the wine color. There was a dress that was inspiration for this pink and burgundy combo but now I can’t find that link that. Oh well.


So here we have Confetti in 041 Masquarade Ball & Wet N’ Wild in 435G Sparked. I think I want to try this with something that has a bit more red purple to it like a cabernet. Somehow this turned out looking less red than I had hoped.

I did just a quick swipe of the glittery pink on each nail and didn’t cover the whole thing and like how that looks.

Click any of the photos to enlarge.






Zoya Loredana & Wet n Wild Shield

Zoya Loredana on ALL of the nails and then Wet n’ Wild Shield (231) over the ring finger nail for a metallic shine and contrast.

This is the first time I’ve really left the matte gray on for awhile and I wanted to note that because I can’t put a top coat on this, it REALLY doesn’t last nearly as long as the glossy colors.

Has anyone used any matte top coats like Essie’s “Matte About You”? What do you think about them? Does your nail polish last as long without chipping with it on?