What I Wore – Tommy Hilfiger polka dot button up shirt

(click photo for larger version) So this is a deep navy with small dot patterned shirt. I believe I got this last spring when I was thrift shopping.

It’s not my norm because I have a hard time getting button up shirts to not gape in the front and also not look like I’m wearing a tent.

Anyway, it’s nice and well made and looks ok. It is a full sleeve blouse but looked a little better with the sleeves rolled. I could wear it under a sweater though this winter too.

What I wore: Polka Dots & Mix N Match Neon nails

I’m playing catchup here on some things here. This outfit, let’s see, I wore it March 27th! Oops. It’s been a repeat outfit though because I really love the polka dot shirt I found at the Talbot’s outlet. Click for a larger view.

And then there are the nails. I actually did a full post on the nails before but you can tell here that they really can work well with neutrals.

Recently on Pinterest: September 24th edition

Just a selection of things I’ve pinned or repinned on pinterest recently.
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