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AR fitness game – Run an Empire iphone app {kickstarter}

16ec35f0900f854ebbbe8d165d3946a0_largeI’m geeking out on you a little here – AR stands for Alternative Reality or Augmented Reality. And the “Run an Empire” app is a fitness game you play by running or walking around an area to secure it. It’s an app that will get more fun as more people join in and you have to defend your areas by running or walking around them even more.

Think Zombies Run! and Ingress a bit together here. No idea what I’m talking about? Don’t worry. Just watch the video below.

They’ve already reached their funding goal so I went ahead and just did the lowest level to get beta access which was £6 or $10. Need some extra motivation? Make your run/walk more fun and join me: 🙂


Fitbit Flex

Dove into the world of the #fitbitflex Saturday. Right now I’m mostly getting a sense of how much I move (or don’t move) on a daily basis. It’s a little reminder on my wrist but I will be kicking it up a notch later in the week. 🙂 Also cleaned off the standing desk (tv armoire actually) so I can stand to work some as well.

I wanted the fitbit force but those were recalled. That along with the fact that there’s a Tory Burch band in the works for the fitbit flex kinda sealed the deal on that decision for now. I’ll do a more in depth review after I’ve had it for awhile. 😉