Comfy fall travel outfits for fall 2014

Comfy but stylish fall travel outfit


Oasis off white cardigan
$77 –

Rag & bone blue jeans
$265 –

Athleta clothing

Tory Burch riding boots

Kate spade jewelry

Turquoise jewelry

Simple bezel fake diamond earrings

I recently went to Curacao, Netherland Antiles which is an island in the Caribbean. Many of the stores seemed to be fairly focused on high end American items like Tommy Bahama, Polo, Lacoste … Everything is duty free but you’re on an island. It’s still not cheap and it’s not cheap brands either so even at 50% off, a shirt is likely still $50.

We did however end up in this cute little shop with some unique goods and I did buy one things while I was there. A pair of bezel faux diamond earrings.

HOWEVER what I bought is NOT a good representation of the shop they came from.

Bamali (the store name) had a lot of fabulous and unique jewelry. If jewelry were the thing I get really excited about, then I probably would have bought more. My problem was that the pieces that looked good on me, did not fit my “at home / office” style so I couldn’t see myself wearing them much beyond vacation. Then there were a lot of other fun pieces that didn’t look good on me. And a few that met the qualification of both looked good and would be something I would wear but those pieces were closer to $100. Not the kind of money I wanted to spend on jewelry.

So I ended up with earrings that are practical, slightly boring but were only $11USD.


 To see some of their jewelry and clothes, check out their website. Even their own website however doesn’t do the shop complete justice. They had a lot of unique batik prints in both rayon and cotton. They do not offer shipping so if you happen to be in Curacao, definitely check them out in person.


Note: I found some similar earrings at JC Penney

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon UnderWhile visiting Rehobeth Beach DE back at the beginning of August I was able to do a little bit of shopping and picked up a couple of items I’m REALLY loving and have been wearing a lot. Particularly these Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under.

They’re called the  “Tribecca Round Open Chevron Earrings” in matte silver and I bought them on Rehoboth Ave. South Moon Under also has these available online in this matte silver as well as gold. The pictures on their website don’t do them justice at all.

They are a really nice size earring. Not too big and gaudy, not so small that they aren’t noticeable and they aren’t too heavy either. (I hate earrings that are cute but painful.)

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under

These silver chevron earrings are super cute and a little preppy.
Loving them!

They’re really well made. The chevron pattern, despite being open to see through to the other side, doesn’t really catch on anything. They’re just one of those items that you don’t know you need until you see them.


BIRCHBOX FEBRUARY 2012 :: Exude Lip Creme, Eye Rock Designer Liner, BLK DNM Perfume, LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Exude Lipstick in Red #1
Exude Lipstick in Red #1
eye rock adhesive eyeliner
eye rock adhesive eyeliner

I did actually have fun with this this month even though it wasn’t something I would really wear. My first makeup video (wait, I may have done one other before…) and I know I need to try and keep things shorter and ramble less next time.


  • Eye Rock Designer Liner: reviewed in video – it’s a bit like shaped medical tape
  • Exude Lip Creme in Red #1: reviewed in video – ingredients listed below video. It’s a nice creamy lip color that seems a bit like a cross between gloss and lipstick. To me the red was a bit too intense on me personally but I think it’s a good red. I do not know about staying power yet. And I haven’t had time to type up the ingredients to run through the cosmetics database either but at a glace it’s not uber healthy.
  • BLK DNM Perfume I sprayed it into the box and couldn’t smell anything, maybe that’s just me.
  • LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover UPDATE: These work well, smell a bit like oranges and have some nourishing essential oils which is very unusual for nail polish remover. HealthIER than other nail polish removers (never found one that would pass the cosmetics database test.) They are a bit pricy at $9.99 for 18 wipes BUT they also have the added perk of being individually wrapped so I may buy some to throw in my purse or for travel.
  • Green River Ordinance mp3 download. The link on the slip of paper, ( does not work but after a little research I found out it should go here:

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Exude Ingredients for Lip Creme