OOTD – turquoise, leopard and corduroy

OOTD - turquoise cable-knit sweater, leopard scarf and camel corduroy - ClothingCult.comOutfit of the day – turquoise, leopard and corduroy. Actually the more I think about it the color sweater color is dead on cyan instead of turquoise. Ok so most of this outfit came from Kohl’s. I’m finding Kohl’s to be a good source of decent quality basics at a good price. I gave a sneak peak of some of these items in this post but that didn’t include the sweater. That $10 Kohl’s cash coupon I got from my online order I used to go back and buy this sweater. Actually I ended up with two of these cable knit sweaters because I liked them so much; the “bold blue” and the “brown heather”.

Sweater: Sonoma Life + Style Cable-Knit sweater in “Bold Blue” | Pants: Sonoma Life + Style Modern Fit Straight Leg Corduroy pants in camel | Scarf:  Apt. 9 Leopard Scarf | Hat: Crushable straw fedora bought early last summer at Kohl’s | Earrings: bought last year at JC PennyShoes: Ugg Antora in black patent (similar Ugg Antora II in black patent)

Ok one quick note on the Uggs Antora ballet flats: I LOVE these but I have last year’s Antora not the Antora II and there is a difference. What I liked about last year’s style is that they are lined with shearling which helps keep my feet warm in winter. Not as warm as boots but better than most ballet flats. There’s no shearling on the footbed but there is shearling along the sides. If you see patent leather on the outside, there’s shearling under that. This year’s Antora II shoe however appears to only have a little tuft of shearling in the heel and that’s it.

The Payless Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex flat is my go-to black ballet in the fall and this Ugg Antora is my go-to black ballet flat in the winter because of that added warmth. I really hate wearing socks but my feet get cold easily. I actually own three pairs of Uggs and they are what go into heavy rotation in the winter and I should probably do a separate post about those. (Don’t worry, none of them are the typical suede Uggs that everyone knows and loves to hate!)

Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl / Wrap / Scarf Review

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.42.42 PM

I ended up going to a bollywood themed charity event recently and wanted a quick accessory that would add a touch of bollywood to a dressy outfit. Since I wanted something I could wear afterwards without looking like I was going to a costume party, I ended up buying a couple of these $10 paisley scarves from Amazon.com. I’m really happy with them & ended up wearing the turquoise gold one to the event (left).

These are excellent quality for the price but there are some minor imperfections on close inspection. Not anything anyone would notice while you’re wearing it though. No idea if it’s real pashmina (probably not) but the fabric feels wonderful anyway.

It can be worn as a wrap or styled as a thicker looking scarf. The fabric IS lightweight but there’s a lot there. Definitely not a summer weight.

Turq/Gold – It actually looks pretty true to the manufacturer’s photo in natural sunlight though on second look, maybe not quite as vibrant. One side has the bottom band gold, the other side has the bottom band turquoise. I got a better photo of this one than I did of the pink/turquoise one.

Turquoise Gold Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl : Wrap : Stole - 30+ Beautiful Paisley Designs From the Scarf Shop

Pink/Turquoise – the lighting in my photo could be better. It actually looks pretty true to the manufacturer’s photo in natural sunlight. One side has the bottom band pink, the other side has the bottom band turquoise.

Pink Turquoise Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl : Wrap : Stole - 30+ Beautiful Paisley Designs From the Scarf Shop

Recently on Pinterest: September 24th edition

Just a selection of things I’ve pinned or repinned on pinterest recently.
Click on any image below for a larger view OR go for the links to sites, go to:  http://pinterest.com/hilary_baumann/style-files/

Color Club Blue-ming nail polish

I like it but I’m not as crazy about it as I thought I was going to be. The color DOES grab people’s attention and get good comments. Since I took it off my finger nails and left it on my toe nails, I’ve liked it a bit more so maybe just on all nails it’s a bit too much.


It also might have been that I kept needing to go to meetings and it didn’t seem appropriate and now that I’m on the beach it makes more sense.

Second photo I have the antique gold crackle on my thumb over this.