Zoya Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge swatches
Summer 2014 tickled collection

I recently took advantage of one of Zoya’s three free promos ($12 shipping for three polishes) so I picked up several of the new polishes from the Tickled Collection: Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge. One of the things I haven’t seen would be swatches comparing them side by side so I decided to take some quick photos.

Zoya Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge bottles - via ClothingCult.com

Particularly because when they first arrived in the mail I was concerned I made a mistake in buying all three because in the bottle they looked almost too similar. On my nails though they looked different enough that I was still glad I bought all of them.

(Ignore the tiny little mistakes on the polish – I actually did this quickly in the car. Parked of course.)

Zoya Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge swatches natural light - via ClothingCult.com

I’m in love with the fact that these are all very vibrant and a bit neon.

  • Zoya Kitridge is a vibrant light bubble gum shade.
  • Zoya Wendy is a bright coral or salmon shade.
  • Zoya Rocha is what I’m calling neon red which is actually a bit orange … without really looking orange. Rocha is actually a dead on match for a maxi dress I bought last week and it’s a really happy sophisticated color. (I need to share photos of those dresses on this blog! Oops.)

These polishes are a bit hard to photograph so I decided to take a few photos of them at different angles with slightly different lighting so you can get a better sense of the colors. All photos were done in natural lighting, no flash, no photo editing (other than adding text.)

Zoya Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge swatches shot dark background - via ClothingCult.com Zoya Rocha, Wendy & Kitridge swatches shot light background - via ClothingCult.com

Super happy with these polishes. All three of the colors I can see wearing a lot and they’re good summer colors. They look great against a summer tan.