Shopstyle Sale alert outfit

Shopstyle sent me an alert on some items I had marked. Turns out these would probably look pretty good together.


2 responses to “Shopstyle Sale alert outfit”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    If you really want something but would only buy it on sale I wouldn’t rely on shopstyle to alert you. Several times I have added style alerts and have kept an eye on the items I wanted myself and it isn’t unusual for an item to be marked down for SEVERAL days before shopstyle updates their site and the alert gets sent out 🙁

    I’m getting quite sick of shopstyle – they dominate the search engines and their site is incomplete at best – you might want to try BESO.

    1. Great suggestion!
      BESO looks similar to ShopStyle – I’ll check out their app and site.

      I haven’t noticed the same delay on the markdowns with shopstyle however. It may be an API issue or based on a particular store. It’s really not clear how they get their product data and from whom (or if you had a shop, if there’s some way to submit your site.)