DIY project: Lace inserts in shirts

Ok I really like this idea, to cut out a section of camisole and then add in some lace or other decorative trim (crochet might work.)
white tank with lace inset

This shirt is really cute but I don’t think I could spend $70 for a wife beater when I could buy some for $5 and add to them myself (I don’t think the smushed boob look here isn’t a good one either but I think that’s the result of a bad choice in tube bra.) If you think these shirts are worth $70 or you simply have no time or any sewing skills whatsoever, here’s the link:

Otherwise I think it would be a really great, easy and cheap DIY project. I’ll let you know if I end up making some. 🙂

PS – note the new addition to the comments on the site. It’s called recaptcha and it’s really useful, really easy to install and it has basically gotten rid of spam comments for me. Oh, and I will be killing the promo section of this site in the near future … I haven’t been able to keep it up to date plus it didn’t help to get hateful comments by some people (chewing me because a code that was over a year old didn’t work … let’s see… not my fault a code over a year old doesn’t work so there was no need to take it out on me. I basically haven’t bothered TRYING to do the coupons and promos since then.)


2 responses to “DIY project: Lace inserts in shirts”

  1. Kathy Crunk Avatar
    Kathy Crunk

    I love the top.Dont listen to the other person,because this look is back in style.

  2. Megan Wise Avatar
    Megan Wise

    I personally think that this shirt is a little out of style… i dont like it.