Headband Mania

One of my new favorite things are headbands (I think I’m becoming a preppy girl….. ugh…) My head isn’t shaped right for the ones that go all the way around your head or scarfs (they slide too much) but they still look great on the people that can wear them. My favorites right now are the thick headbands and the really thin ones, very basic and classic.

Good headbands under $10 include: Xhilaration (found at Target), Conair, Goody, and Scunci (which I found at Walgreens and Rite Aide)

I also bought a very cute fabric headband on ebay (but as I mentioned before, my head is not the right shape.) There’s also someone selling cute headbands made from Vera Bradley fabric on ebay (and I checked the Vera Bradley site, they don’t seem to make headbands) which brings me to my next point.

DIY Headbands:
Various Fabric:
Fabric on Plastic: