Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl / Wrap / Scarf Review

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I ended up going to a bollywood themed charity event recently and wanted a quick accessory that would add a touch of bollywood to a dressy outfit. Since I wanted something I could wear afterwards without looking like I was going to a costume party, I ended up buying a couple of these $10 paisley scarves from I’m really happy with them & ended up wearing the turquoise gold one to the event (left).

These are excellent quality for the price but there are some minor imperfections on close inspection. Not anything anyone would notice while you’re wearing it though. No idea if it’s real pashmina (probably not) but the fabric feels wonderful anyway.

It can be worn as a wrap or styled as a thicker looking scarf. The fabric IS lightweight but there’s a lot there. Definitely not a summer weight.

Turq/Gold – It actually looks pretty true to the manufacturer’s photo in natural sunlight though on second look, maybe not quite as vibrant. One side has the bottom band gold, the other side has the bottom band turquoise. I got a better photo of this one than I did of the pink/turquoise one.

Turquoise Gold Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl : Wrap : Stole - 30+ Beautiful Paisley Designs From the Scarf Shop

Pink/Turquoise – the lighting in my photo could be better. It actually looks pretty true to the manufacturer’s photo in natural sunlight. One side has the bottom band pink, the other side has the bottom band turquoise.

Pink Turquoise Silk Feel Paisley Pashmina Shawl : Wrap : Stole - 30+ Beautiful Paisley Designs From the Scarf Shop

Ring accent on a scarf
in place of a broach


So I don’t have a Herme’s Scarf, or the lovely YSL ring, BUT I have some larger cocktail rings I’ve never really worn that would look good in place of a broach on a scarf.


I DO have this vintage scarf I bought on ebay 
and the ring was my grandmother’s.

I’m using a long rectangular scarf instead of a square. I threaded one side through the ring one way and the other side through the other way and tied a loose knot in the back so the ring was secure and wouldn’t fall off. I let the ends trail off the sides because the scarf did not start as a square like hers.

Make something Monday:
spring / summer scarf

Inspired by the Forever21 scarf I bought (as seen in my May Birchbox unboxing video and below), I decided to make a few more.

Forever21 scarf

I will note that it is actually cheaper to just buy a scarf from Forever21 because you will need 2 yards for the length scarf I made. You however get a larger choice in fabrics by learning to make your own.

Here are the two scarves I made:



Try and ignore the purple shirt under the sarong. I didn’t want to change to demonstrate some possible tying options. 🙂

Supplies needed:

  • Sewing machine. I’ll try and do a few no sew projects in the future but this you probably need a sewing machine for.
  • 2 yards fabric. Something that’s thin and drapey. Chiffon, silk, even a light polyester. This is where going into the store and feeling fabrics is actually a good idea. This will be against your skin so if you don’t like how it feels, don’t buy it because you’ll be less likely to wear it if you don’t like how it feels. You’ll be using the full length for the scarf but you will only need a 16-17 inch strip for the size scarf I made. Both of the fabrics I chose were $4.95/yard. You can use the remainder for a sarong like I did above or to make scarves for your friends.
  • Thread to match. Around $3 each. Don’t forget an empty bobbin if you don’t have one at home.
  • Rolled hem sewing machine foot. Between $9 and $30 depending on your machine. Again, I already had this at home. I can’t imagine doing this project with a regular foot however you might be able to do a single tiny fold with zig zag stitch depending on your fabric but it’s not going to give you quite the same clean finish.
A couple of quick photos mid-process:

Videos I referenced:

Sewing a rolled hem:

I found this video useful to correct some of the mistakes I was making on my first attempt at sewing a rolled hem on light fabric. I’ve actually done a rolled hem on cotton before and the machine foot did a lot of the work but with the lighter fabrics you have to pay attention to the details more.

Scarf tying (European Loop is my favorite, then fake knot and braid):

Sarong / pareo tying:

Pareo and Sarong Tying for Women 20 Ways How Women can Wear a Pareo or Sarong from

Small Stripe Scarves

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I dreamed of a thin stripe scarf last night. (Not sure why) It was more nautical looking, light, a little stretchy, rayon. Either deep navy or black stripes. When I decided to look for something today I decided something gray and cream might look better or go with more of what I actually own.

I’m not sure yet…my favorites are larger.