TJMaxx Calvin Klein hat white and black

TJ Maxx Calvin Klein hat straw black and whiteGreat find! TJMaxx Calvin Klein hat… I went in for a dress! I swear! And I’m told I look good in hats but don’t wear them enough. ūüôā This one was a little more unique than hats I usually see in most stores. Short brim, round top, simple black and white with ribbon and silver buckle accent.

Originally $44, bought for $16.99 

I kept thinking “Great Gatsby inspired” but couldn’t put a finger on why. I double checked some hat styles and the “Cloche” shape was popular in the 1920’s which is the time period that Gatsby takes place in. You can see this shape better in the below photos:

Mud Pie –
Navy Geo Mod Tie Tank Dress

This is one of the other items I picked up at Blooming Boutique in Rehoboth Beach DE in early August. Mud Pie Navy Geo Mod Tie Tank Dress (#810232S)

It’s a really nice versatile dress. Easy to wear because it’s stretchy and it can be dressed up with the right shoes and a cardigan but it’s also very comfortable and casual enough to, if you wanted to, wear it as a beach coverup.

I actually tried this on early in the week, liked it but didn’t know if I really needed a dress but then ended up spending the week looking at other dresses and comparing it to this one. So I finally went back and bought it (though it took me a bit to figure out where I had tried it on at.)

I have worn this with the navy wedge sandals I got at Payless and a white cardigan to a meeting. The ends of the ties have little gold metal toggles.

The only thing I wish were a little different were the cut in the back on the shoulders, it could be a little wider to more easily cover regular bra straps. Would be better with a racerback bra (or again, cover with a cardigan if you’re worried.)¬†


Again with the preppy pattern, it reminds me a bit of the greek key pattern.
REALLY really happy with this purchase.

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon UnderWhile visiting Rehobeth Beach DE back at the beginning of August I was able to do a little bit of shopping and picked up a couple of items I’m REALLY loving and have been wearing a lot. Particularly these¬†Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under.

They’re called the ¬†“Tribecca Round Open Chevron Earrings” in matte silver and¬†I bought them¬†on Rehoboth Ave. South Moon Under also has these available online¬†in this matte silver as well as gold. The pictures on their website don’t do them justice at all.

They are a really nice size earring. Not too big and¬†gaudy, not so small that they aren’t¬†noticeable¬†and they aren’t too heavy either. (I hate earrings that are cute but painful.)

Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under Silver Chevron Earrings from South Moon Under

These silver chevron earrings are super cute and a little preppy.
Loving them!

They’re really well made. The chevron pattern, despite being open to see through to the other side, doesn’t really catch on anything.¬†They’re just one of those items that you don’t know you need until you see them.


What I Wore Today – Friday Oct 8

Raspberry Polo ~$5 end of season kmart
Jeans ~$10 walmart on sale (I had to hem them)
Mia Brown ballet flats ~$80 (a few years ago)

I think one of the reasons I don’t post more photos of what I wear is because I tend to get in the habit of wearing similar things for several weeks before switching to something only slightly different. And to be honest, what I wear most of the time is fairly simple and practical.

I’ll post 2 sweaters I thrifted today in a couple of days. I think one of the plugins I added is keeping me from posting from my phone. And I probably need to track down my camera instead of using my phone to take photos anyway. ūüôā