Everyday Minerals, I love your quality but I’m breaking up with you…

3 Everyday Minerals products I used DAILY you’ve now discontinued. It’s been over the last … 4 years but they were staples.


Last year the Everyday Minerals Sand Jojoba base foundation powder was labeled something that worried me (“vintage jojoba base”) and I swear someone assured me it would NOT be discontinued (they did – see the end of the linked to post.) Now it is discontinued despite assurances that it wouldn’t be. It’s NOT been merged with the current jojoba base line. And there’s no equivalent shade.

Everyday Minerals I love your quality but I'm breaking up with you

So despite your amazing quality, I think I’m going to have to break up with you. 
Changing foundations is such a headache. I still miss the pressed powder and raw sugar bronzer and now I guess I’ll miss the sand jojoba base as well. I hope you understand the breakup, I’m tired of being led to believe I found “the one” I can spend the rest of my life with (or a more significant portion of my life with) only to have it discontinued. I need reliability too. I just really hate that it’s come to this…

Signed up:
KlutchClub October 2012

So I signed back up for KlutchClub. And I’m really looking forward to getting this box. I’ll do a review when I get it in.

They’ve made a few changes since I gave them a try in April. When you sign up for one month, it’s auto-renewing like birchbox so you’ll be charged $18/month but you can cancel any time. 

But I saw what they plan on sending out in the October box and they had me at the Yurbuds, a brand I wanted to try and been hearing good things about. And the Devita Natural Eyeliner because I’m on the lookout for natural and organic cosmetics brands to try. The supplements don’t hurt either since I’ve really started focusing on doing protein shakes more. I’ve also been looking for a vegi protein that is NOT soy which is also part of this box.

  • You can check out my past reviews for the April box or the May & June boxes.
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  • Or check out the list of items that come with the October box below:

Full disclosure: KlutchClub’s May & June boxes were sent to me by the company. These are my honest opinions however, not a paid sponsorship and I AM paying for my October box (and did pay for my April box.)

Everyday Minerals Pressed Powder Base

Thank you for contacting us.  The pressed powders should be back in stock in the near future, but at this time we don’t have an estimated date of when they will be returning.  So be sure to check back for any updates. 🙂  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Everyday Minerals

Yay! I’ll do a review soon of the pressed base I’m using… I was beginning to worry they weren’t going to bring it back. I actually went and asked because it’s been a couple of months.

Pur Minerals Starter Kit – review

One of my requested Christmas presents this year was the Pur Minerals Starter Kit in Golden Warm.



The kit consists of a foundation, bronzer, blush and chisel brush.

I am disappointed that I researched the heck out of the foundation ingredients but neglected to notice that the bronzer has parabens. It’s not even a good bronzer at that in my opinion. Sigh.

I LOVE the foundation however. I have a hard time finding a good match for my skin that doesn’t look like I’m either jaundiced (yellow) or washed out. The Golden Medium works really well and seems to be a very neutral color. I like that I’ve found a fairly healthy foundation that is a pressed powder that evens out my skin tone and can cover under-eye circles. It’s not too heavy, not too light, lasts all day and doesn’t break me out. I can skip the bronzer because it doesn’t wash me out though I still prefer to use a bronzer.

The brush is decent. I don’t own a kabuki or chisel brush so this is a good addition to my collection but I think there could be better versions out there. This one was a bit scratchy the first few times I used it. I will continue to use it because it does a good job but I’m not blown away here.

The blush I can’t really comment on because my cheeks have a pinkish undertone so blush of any kind makes me look like a clown. I tried it on my hand and it seemed like it could be a good color for anyone who regularly wears blush.

—– update April 13, 2010
I’m out of the starter kit foundation. The pan was fairly shallow and looks like the full size the same depth. Starter kit size is 0.15oz and full size is 0.28oz. I rarely finish and re-buy a powder foundation though.