Simple but different – gold triangle screw stud earrings

I found these really cute geometric earrings. They have a little bit of a tribal boho look to them without going overboard.  I like that the backs screw on and are flat triangles like the front. But man are they hard to put on. Nothing like trying to hold a tiny tiny triangle and screw it onto a post … on the back of your ear. Once they are on though they are comfortable enough to sleep in.

Simple but different - gold triangle screw stud earrings via

A good all day earring that would work well if say you wanted to go swimming and tend to forget you have earrings in. Or maybe if you wanted to wear earrings but still go camping or travel and forget about the jewelry you are wearing.

They have a few other shapes in both gold and silver – I’m thinking about at least getting the silver triangles too. Super simple but different at the same time. They’re only $9 including shipping if you have Amazon Prime. This is not the point of this post but if you want to buy them I am going to include an amazon affiliate link below.

One other thing I want to point out is that the post is just a tiny bit thicker than most of the earrings I’ve been wearing. They remind me of the size post on the earrings that were originally used to pierce my ears. Not huge, but not as thin as a lot of earrings on the market.

If you are familiar with gauges, the average earring is 18 gauge and this is probably more like a 16-14 gauge post (the smaller the number in gauges, the bigger/thicker it is. Here’s a great gauge reference chart on wikipedia. Or a visual gauge chart here.)

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Unisex Stainless Steel Gold Triangle Screw Stud Earrings


And I don’t think I would personally want to tackle trying to put on the round ones BUT for anyone who wants faux plugs, this might be a good option: