drugstore.com … why?

Drugstore.com lost PART of an item. They only sell the the Travelon containers in pairs or sets of threes. When I sent Drugstore.com a message about only getting one bottle they gave me a refund for HALF of the item! I can’t just go buy one bottle, half a package! I even checked ebay.

Oh and they had originally thrown in a bar of soap I didn’t order like that was supposed to compensate me for losing part of my order. It’s not like it’s horribly expensive but it’s just plain annoying.

On the plus side, I now have one bottle of the conditioner I can’t find locally. Time to find somewhere else to buy that I guess.

Soooo I think this is completely and amazingly taken care of. Store credit and new bottles are supposed to be on their way to me. I will let you all know when I see my new set of bottles!

Update 2: They’re in!
Apparently the bar of soap is actually a sample that isn’t labeled “Sample.” I really did think that someone doing the boxing had thrown in a bar of soap to try and compensate for the missing bottle. Alls well that ends well.


One response to “drugstore.com … why?”

  1. My name is Devona and I’m with drugstore.com Customer Care.
    Very sorry to hear about this experience. I’d like to make this right for
    you. Can you please send an e-mail with your account specifics (order # or
    name) to [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-378-4786? I will
    monitor this alias and help you out. Thanks and sorry once again!