Ahh Paris…

So I have TWO fashion related photos from my trip. I would have loved to have gone to more stores but I think I would have just been disappointed if I found something I liked because I didn’t have the cash to spend on super expensive clothes. Yes, there are certain pieces that are investments and worth splurging on but I mostly bought chocolate and Swiss wine (went to Switzerland too.)

First my really bad photo of some Louis Vuitton shoes that I snuck. They flipped out on my mom for taking a photo of their display of toys from the 50’s related to space travel so I can’t imagine what they would have done if they had noticed me taking a photo of shoes.


There was a dress I really wanted to take a picture of but there were WAY too many sales clerks around that one. And then a black jacket that had a ruffled collar that I didn’t think I could get a good photo of because it was black on black and I was using my iphone…

This next display  is not Louis Vuitton though I can’t remember what the store was. I thought it was funny:



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  1. Administrator Avatar

    Quite possibly – I think there is a Ralph Lauren along the Champs-Élysées (and I’m sure I took the photo somewhere along that road.)

  2. fran haynes Avatar
    fran haynes

    that could be Ralph Lauren, (the picture of the cake-y thing in the window), but I’m not 100% certain.