Website worth mentioning

I heard about this on a podcast that I listen to. The idea is to post items you want to get rid of and look through posts that other people have made to swap or buy used clothes and accessories. It’s a little confusing at first because you’re taken to the forum first which is not where the swaps are posted so you’ll need to use the navigation menu at the top.

I’m thinking that the more people who sign up and get items online, the more there will be to choose from and there will be a better chance that you’ll be able to swap something old for “something new to you” (a lot of the users seem to be in Australia … though there are some in the USA.) If you sign up, make sure you get some items listed and add some items to your wishlist as well. 🙂

I signed up this evening and posted some items and made my first contact about a pair of jeans someone had. I’ll report back on how it goes if they’re interested in swapping.


2 responses to “Website worth mentioning”

  1. love thanks for posting this

  2. Hi there Thanks for the tip!
    I just joined! I’m so excited Cheers for the tip