REVIEW: Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Compact Foundation

I bought this locally (from a brand new store so I know it couldn’t have sat around in-store long) and it was too dried out. It wasn’t hard as a brick but it was too thick and dry to get with the sponge applicator it came with (classic porcelain 20 in case there’s a major difference between the dryness based on color but I doubt it.)

I did manage to use it some by applying moisturizer to it or my finger and rubbing to moisten it and then use it but overall I was under-impressed because it became a more time consuming process to use this way.

I used it for a week this way and I didn’t break out more and I also didn’t break out less. Even with the moisturizer it stays on well but I think as a result of the moisturizer needed to apply it, it migrated on my eye where the eyelid creases creating a light line there after an hour or so.

It wasn’t the worst product in the world – might even be good if they could figure out how to keep it moist but I’m going back to using my Covergirl Aquasmooth.