REVIEW: Too Faced Liquif-Eye Smudge & Water Resistant Liquid Liner

I saw this in a magazine at some point and thought it was possibly the best makeup tools I had seen for awhile. I sought it out and initially found it at but then I also found it at which was more convenient because I was making a purchase (and they ship together with

PROS: it does do what it says it will do (though make sure you realize it says WATER RESISTANT not waterproof.)
CONS: very expensive for what you get. The “brush” is really a semi-flexible foam tip, a little rough.

At first I thought this was a really great product BUT then I started playing with my eye shadow and found that I could accomplish the same effect with the proper makeup brush wet down with water! (Use one edge of your eye shadow since you are wetting it down which could make it hard to use without water.)

If it were waterproof instead of just water resistant then it would have the bang for the buck that I was expecting. If you don’t have a steady hand or don’t have some good makeup brushes to work with, this product might still be for you (though I would recommend trying a wet makeup brush – angled or maybe a lip brush if you don’t have one specifically for eyeliner – before you buy this.)

Rimmel makes a really nice deep black eye shadow that I’ve been using for my eyeliner lately.

Would I buy it again? No, definitely not.


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  1. thanks for the review…money in my pocket.