Color Club Baldwin Blues swatch

I’ve taken Color Club “Baldwin Blues” swatch photos and videos and linked them below.

Color Club Baldwin Blues swatch nail polish video below:

Color Club Baldwin Blues swatch nail polish

Color Club in “Baldwin Blues” is listed as “a sophisticated not-quite-navy blue” but I think it has just enough of a touch of green to call it a “sophisticated deep deep teal” that I think is perfect for fall and winter. It is a color with a lot of depth to it from its glossy sheen to its creamy, no frost, no frills, no nonsense bold color. And it is BOLD – I love it. Somehow despite the unusualness of this shade, I think it will go with plenty of fall outfits.

You absolutely need to wear a base polish with this nail polish. I painted a couple of nails really quickly when it first came in and even in the couple of hours I had it on without a base coat, it looked like it had stained my nail a bit. And a top coat would also be a good idea because several of my nails have wear marks on them already because I was lazy last night and just didn’t want to wait one more round of drying time.

I must admit … I’ve been watching “Pretty Little Liars” lately and Color Club’s Baldwin Blues share reminds me of a color that the character Aria might wear (I should go back and screen capture nail polishes I like from that show … or is that a little too weird and obsessive?) ๐Ÿ™‚

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New winter boots – Found some!

The weather here has turned very cold very fast. I’ve been fine in a short sleeved shirt, jeans and sandals this week… until today. I left the house and picked up the mail etc. etc. and then returned home to put on a jacket and tennis shoes. Because, as I may have mentioned, I seem to have few if no winter shoes in my closet (the last pair I decided I couldn’t wear – the leather has stretched and would fit someone with a half size bigger foot better… I’m sure my feet aren’t shrinking.)

So I went shoe shopping. I finally found what I was looking for at TJMaxx. They were still $74 including the sales tax but they were a pair of winter boots – uggs.

Now before you cringe and tell me that the trend is over – they are not the style that was ever so popular a year ago (which I thought were ugly even then.) They have a proper sole, they are a nice chocolate brown color, and have a better cut and shape but they’re still all nice and fuzzy inside. I never bought into the trend when it happened but I kept trying the uggs on because they are heaven on your feet.

I went and grabbed some shoe waterproofing from Phillip Gall’s (local sporting goods shop) and they’re still drying from the application but here’s a picture (maybe not the best angle but I can’t get a good picture in the mirror when it’s night because the flash is too much and no flash is too little light):

No they’re not dressy or anything but I think they’ll be a good everyday and warm winter boot. I’ll share my walmart and sears finds for the dressy department some other time – dress shoes and purse for under $20 each that I can wear to my winter business meetings (unless it snows … then it’s all about the winter boots.)