Outfit of the day: Yellow, Black & White

  • Yellow is a thifted tank top & vintage costume jewelry bracelet from my late great aunt’s stash.
  • Black is the short sleeve jacket from Target (purchased a few year ago) & Bauble Bar bracelet via on of my Birchboxes (though I didn’t participate in this contest and it creeps me out a little that Justin Bieber apparently wears this bracelet.)
  • White is the stripes in the tank top, another vintage bracelet, & the earrings I made from a pair of vintage clip on earrings.
What do you think? Good combo? Overkill on the arm candy? 🙂

“Foiled Again” – gold foiling or gold leaf on clothes & nails

“Foiled again” get it? Ok, that would make more sense if I had previously written about gold foiling or even any kind of gold on clothes, right?

Apparently I’ve been getting into golds lately. As exhibited by both some recent clothing purchases as well as nail polish choice.

OOTD - gold foiled OOTD - gold foiled

Outfit Top to bottom (click images for a larger version):

  • Earrings: Kohl’s daisy fuentes® Gold-Tone Hammered Drop Earring Set I had removed the chain portion of the coin style earrings and they look better.
  • Tank: Talbot’s Outlet (one of my recent gold purchases) cream with gold foil streaks.
  • Wrap: Tabot’s Outlet (in the fall) it’s a heathered cream linen that’s a perfect weight for spring and fall. Very versatile.
  • Bracelet: thrifted.
  • Jeans: Walmart (shhhh … why do I end up with jeans from there?)
  • Shoes: Lauren Conrad leopard print ballet flat from Kohl’s. Loving these, they also go with a LOT.

Then there was the yoga capris I bought that had a foil leopard print pattern. This wasn’t actually on purpose. It was more because I didn’t like the pairs that had funky color tops and they didn’t have a plain black and I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket:

leopard foil on yoga capris

Close up of the leopard AND the Talbot’s tank’s gold stripes.

Then there are the nails.

Essie "A Crewed Interest" Spring 2012 color and Sally Hansen Crackle in "Antique Gold" Peachy Pink and gold

  • Three coats of Essie in “A Crewed Interest” which is a Spring 2012 color.
  • Topped with a single stripe of Sally Hansen Crackle polish in “Antique Gold”

It’s a nice subtle effect that reminds me of gold leaf. And the peachy pink is like a less sheer version of Zoya’s Lulu. That “point shoe pink / peach” I had been looking for for years and suddenly found. Repeatedly apparently.

Embedly Powered

Embedly Powered

The gold crackle is actually a little preview of something I’m going to do a giveaway on sometime in the next month. So if you don’t normally read my blog, you might want to stay tuned by either subscribing to the rss, the emails or my twitter or youtube channels!

Are you wearing more gold lately? Is this a trend or just a weird accident that I’ve recently purchased more than one item that was gold foiled?

Next thing you know I’ll own a gold sequin mini skirt…. uhhh probably not anytime soon (though they are CUTE on other people!)

DIY Bracelet to Necklace { more turquoise jewelry }

So I found this great Ralph Lauren bracelet on clearance at Dillard’s. I didn’t like it as a bracelet as much as I wanted it for the giant clasp. I’ve been looking for a giant clasp since Switzerland and I haven’t seen a good one for less than $20+S&H so I jumped at the chance to buy one for about $18 with turquoise beads I knew were at least worth $7 or more. Since this wasn’t my initial purpose for the large clasp I went back and bought a pink bracelet as well.

Turquoise necklace from a Ralph Lauren bracelet

4 Simple steps:

  1. Remove the end from the bracelet (pictured on the right) since it fits the clasp.
  2. Attach it to the end of the chain and connect to the clasp.
  3. Wrap around your neck to decide how long you want it and cut the chain at that point. Mirror comes in handy. 😉
  4. Attach the cut end of the chain to your bracelet.

And voila, you have a new necklace!

Turquoise necklace and earrings

Matches the earrings and ring I previously posted. Yay – a full set!

turquoise jewelry set

Beaded leather wrap bracelets

I’ve been bookmarking some lovely photos of beaded bracelets recently …

{ image via Jak & Jil }


{ image via Good Life for Less }

{ image via Triple Max Tons }

… so I decided to make my own. These aren’t the long wrapped versions, just two single bracelets (was a little impatient):

I’m calling these practice bracelets since I do still want a longer version. Also love the one with the flower fastener.

DIY Instructions in the comments here: http://www.how-to-make-jewelry.com/how-to-create-a-beaded-leather-wrap-bracelet.html