Photography poses – it’s the little things that matter

I was taking photos the other day and came up with a perfect quick example of the little things that matter when posing. Yes I’m a bit curvy but it can be either accentuated or minimized by where I place my arm. It’s not unnatural for my arm to be by my side anyway but you can see how much a difference it makes when I move just one arm.

Photography poses - it's the little things that matter

There are plenty of posing tips online, and particularly easy to find on pinterest. What makes the most sense will depend on what you’re trying to do. Clearly the “family photo poses” won’t work for one person blog shots, “maternity poses” are intended to emphasis a pregnant belly and the “sultry album cover” poses don’t typically make as much sense on a fashion blog.

Here are a few good resources I’ve found for bloggers:

And don’t forget – look at photos you like to see what they are doing well. Try to mimick what you like but don’t forget, we’re all individual. There are plenty of poses that I think look good for other people but I think look ridiculous for me. I’m not a high fashion blogger so you aren’t likely to see a photo of me walking through the Tuileries Garden in France (even though I have been there before.) If you ever catch a picture of me running through a field in a frilly dress… never say never but right now that’s just really not me.

Experiment with poses and find what’s right for you. Digital cameras mean you can take a lot and not worry about the cost of developing film. Try things. When you find something you like, try and recreate it and then make a mental note of what worked and why.