JCPenney – “Backordered” is different than “there are no more”

And the purse I ordered from JCPenney that was backordered – then they canceled the order. Clearly “there are no more” is different from “backordered” so I’m a little miffed. But read on… that wasn’t the case!

It took them a week to tell me that my order had been canceled and what’s worse is that they haven’t removed the purse from their online store so I could try purchasing it again.

We must cancel your Backorder because our supplier is temporarily out of stock. Please call our Toll-Free shopping number 1-800-322-1189 and one of our representatives will be happy to help you with an alternate selection.”

I’m very picky about my purses. No magnet snap, certain size, certain strap. I’ve looked through their entire stock, there is nothing comparable.

Also do you notice that it says “temporarily out of stock” mentioned in their e-mail? If it’s actually temporary, what if I want to wait for that purse? I thought that’s what backordered meant? And I saw the “backordered until April 24th” before I checked out, I was willing to wait. I knew that when I ordered.

OK – so I did call to ask but their automated system put me on hold, played 30 second of hold music and then the hold music cut off mid song. Waited 3 minutes, redialed.

Got someone this time. Static-y call, had them call me back. Was surprised that they did and the call was fine. She said that if the item is backordered for over a month JCPenney cancels the order. Awesome (note the sarcasm.) So I’m going to try again since it’s now less than a month for the item to come in…


Edit: Since @jcpenney canceled my backorder because they ASSUMED I didn’t want to wait 30 days, I have to pay $10 more (promo code I used no longer works and I can’t re-order off the original invoice.)

This has made me mad and if I could buy this Liz Claiborne purse anywhere else I would.  I checked ebay and that was a no-go so I went ahead and made the purchase AGAIN with JCP. Maybe I’ll see my purse by the end of April. This has been idiotic.