Some blog link love January 9, 2011

  • Since I have been a little obsessed with the idea of nail polish lately I ran across this post from “Sassy’s Stamping Stampede”, what a mouthful. I had never heard of Konad nail stamps but now I kinda want some. Probably for more subtle patterns but hers are still neat looking. Seriously, I want houndstooth patterned nails.

Closets! A couple of people recently posted some good closet posts:

Jill at Good Life for Less posted “Casa Good Life: My Closet!”:

And Kendi Everyday posted “Create a working closet”:

Both blogs have excellent ways to store and display necklaces and other jewelry.

I’m a bit jealous since the house I’m in has negative closet space (older home) but I’ve been looking at wardrobes / armoires as an option to get more more clothes space and thus more organized.