A really great list of organic makeup companies



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    Artistry has parabens it looks like … haven’t run their ingredient lists through cosmeticsdatabase.com to see how good or bad they are but parabens were pretty obvious in the ingredients lists.

  2. Also, Artistry has skincare and makeup that has been organic for years. http://dblumenthal1.qhealthbeauty.com/Products/Thumbnail.aspx?ctg=12734&ast=402200&rtl=12734

    They are also a top-five premier makeup brand.

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    Another note in case someone from Origins does read this. Typically people who are big on organics like to see ALL of the ingredients and not just “key ingredients.”

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    The reason I let that comment through is because it is a new organic line. HOWEVER – it is not MAKEUP per the blog topic here.

    I wish PR companies would look a little closer before blasting the web with info about a new product line. (That comment actually did come from a pr company per the e-mail address they used that the readers here can’t see.)

    Maybe Origins should start thinking about selling organic makeup though… it would fit with their branding.

  5. Just wanted to add that Origins recently launched an Organic line including face lotion, lip balm, body bar, body spritz, massage oil, and more! Check out http://www.originsorganics.com for more info.