Mixing your own cream eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner

Material Needed:
– small plastic container that seals. You can typically find something like this at the craft store in a paint isle. If not, shop around online a bit.
– eyeshadow or pigment your choice of color and brand.
– liquid highlighter there are many options out there, some come in white which can be a bit harsh. I have a neutral skin toned colored one that Revlon used to make and a pink tinted one from Red Earth Cosmetics which is what I used for most of my current mixes.

This is best done in the bathroom because you may get a little powder on the countertop during this process.

For the cream eyeshadow:
I literally scraped some eyeshadow from a pan using a knife into the container and then mixed in liquid highlighter. It was about 1:1 with maybe a little more highlighter than eyeshadow. If the color isn’t right, add in more eyeshadow slowly but keep in mind that your cream eyeshadow will be lighter than your original eyeshadow.

For liquid eyeliner:
I used a lot more eyeshadow than liquid highlighter … I tried to mix in as little as possible of the highlighter without it being dry or clumpy because I was going for something that would be a little thicker and apply more like an eyeliner would. With a very deep black eyeshadow, I created an eyeliner that was very similar to Mac’s lithograph shade and consistency.

Both the cream eyeshadow and the liquid eyeliner do have good staying power but they aren’t waterproof.

I’m also finding that if I have something too dark or too bright I am able to turn it into something a little more usable (though if fushia isn’t your shade, mixing fushia with highlighter isn’t going to help that too much.)

If you’re couragious you can also experiment with mixing colors. Maybe create a brown cream shadow with some added gold pigment. Or maybe take a color you don’t actually like and mix in something that you do to see if you get a better shade – one that you will use. 🙂

UPDATE: I had a few of these dry out a bit. Added a little water and mixed and voila, good as new.