Maybelline … so disappointing…

There were amazing discounts on the makeup at the grocery today – about half price or more. I hadn’t planned on buying anything but I found what I thought was going to be THE color of lipstick I was looking for and a waterproof eyeliner … together under $5 total. Regular price $14 or so.

Maybelline Wet Shine Fushion lipstick in Honey Glazed I thought MIGHT look like MAC twig. When I got home and tried it on it was way too pale. Good consistency and application – totally wrong color out of the tube. Held up next to my face in the tube it was perfect… blah. Just wish this one had been the color I was hoping for on.

Maybelline Ultra Liner – Black waterproof. Ha! Waterproof! Looks awful on, flakes if the skin is stretched (pull the corner of an eye just a little once it was dry) … MIGHT be waterproof in the rain but smudged when wet with my hand (doubt it would hold up to swimming which is what I think of when I see waterproof.) Simply AWFUL!

I should have bought a backup of the CoverGirl aquasmooth I always wear … that would have been a better use of my $5 (and usually it’s more expensive … I may yet go back and get it.)


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  1. u need 2 update i check it everday !!!!! lol

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    No I haven’t – it had just come out and I think it was also sold out when I placed my last elf order. That reminds me – I need to review all of the elf products I did buy. 🙂

  3. this really dosen’t apply but have u tried the all over color stick from elf?