more Jesse’s Girl Makeup (photos)

I found out a little bit more about the Jesse’s Girl brand AND, per the request of a reader, went and took photos of the Jesses Girl cosmetics at Rite-aid.

“CRL Marketing, Inc. is relocating from Suffern, New York to the Premier Quilting Building on Industry Drive in Oxford, North Carolina. CRL Marketing was founded in 1999 by Jesse and Cathy Lawrence. The company markets color cosmetics and accessories under both the Jesse’s Girl and Yakity Yak brands as well as specializing in Private Label for mass merchandisers such as Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. The new location in Oxford will act as a centralized distribution center handling the entire United States and Canada.” from

::removed information… moved and address and phone number did not belong to the business anymore::

They don’t have a listing with the Better Business Bureau but they do have a Dunn & Bradstreet listing (but I’m not going to spend the money to find out more about them that way.)

BUT there’s not much more about the company online (though someone asked if they do animal testing … it would be great if someone could call and ask – if anyone does, post a comment here please. I may eventually end up doing it it no one else does.)

Now for the fun stuff – photos:

Eye Dust $3.99
eye dust
eye dust
eye dust

Bullseye Eyeshadow $2.99
Bull's Eye eyeshadow

Cream Eyeshadow $3.99
cream eyeshadow

Eye Lites Eyeshadow $3.99 eyelites eyeshadow

Liquid Glass lipgloss $3.99
Liquid Glass Lipgloss

Lip Juice Lipgloss $1.99
Lip Juice Lipgloss

Gloss Plumper plumping lipgloss $3.99
Gloss Plumper plumping lipgloss

Nail Enamel / Polish $2.99
nail enamel
nail enamel
nail enamel

Eyeliner $1.99
eye liner

Lipliner $1.99
lip liner

Brushes $2.99-$3.99


13 responses to “more Jesse’s Girl Makeup (photos)”

  1. caroline Avatar

    Laurie is correct about the animal testing. I emailed the company earlier this week, and I received a prompt reply from Cathy Lawrence herself. She said that Jesse’s Girl is not tested on animals, and that they are in the process of getting onto PETA’s listing of companies that do not test on animals.

    I found Jessie’s Girl at Rite-Aid when I was supposed to be buying cold medicine and tissues, LOL. I am now addicted to the Eye Dust. The price is fabulous!

  2. how do you apply the eye lites? is it a roll on applicator or does it come with a brush? they look really interesting!

  3. anonymous Avatar

    I have the blue glitter Eye Lites eyeshadow and it is so awesome! You can use it as eye liner, too!

  4. laurie Avatar

    I emailed them on there website and got an answer today about the animal testing. They stated thay do not test one animlas..

  5. FOLLOW-UP: ^^^^^[I posted a comment last nite saying the I was goin to buy Jesse’s girl 2day]^^^^^ I bought 2 eyedusts from Rite Aid, I live in the ghetto so they had a really pathetic display of Jesse’s Girl but I worked with what they had! I bought catalyst & Timica sparkle eyedusts! There so great, there so glitter and pigmented! I LOVE THEM 🙂

  6. YAY…Im gonna go buy all 21 eye dusts tomorrow! I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT!!!

  7. Great Sleuthing! I wish I knew more about Jesse’s Girl to help you with your search. I can add, however, that I love their bullseye eyeshadow and down to earth pricing.

  8. I purchase alot of their items pigment eyeshadows, lipliner, eyeliner i have not yet tried them. But they look pretty cool for the price.

    Will post after I use them on a photo shoot this weekend.

  9. Kimberly Avatar

    Omg I have the Cream Eyeshadow in Light Pink and its amazing. if you put it on right, you can make it look like eyeliner. Can’t wait to go back for more!

  10. Administrator Avatar

    I have not seen a website for this product – it’s not even on the Rite-aid website but they are sold in most Rite-aid stores.

  11. Do You know what there website is ? i am really interested ! It looks really cool!!!!! I want them all too !

  12. Derriann Avatar

    OHHHH MY GOD……ur killing me… I CANT TAKE IT. I WANT THEM ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!