REVIEW: Conair Satin Finish, Instant Heat Ultra Slim Straightener, 3/4″ CS4CS

For a frame of reference, I also own a Conair Instant Heat large barrel curling iron which is what I have been using to straighten my hair (I know it sounds weird but it can be done – you just run it down your hair instead of rolling your hair up on it.)

Conair Satin Finish, Instant Heat Ultra Slim Straightener, 3/4″ CS4CS
PROS: It heats up quickly for those times when you’re in a rush. I like the slim design because you can easily get up close to the root of your hair. It’s easy to get the ends straight.

CONS: I thought it was going to heat up hotter than it does – the settings on this go up to 25, the setting on my curling iron by Conair goes up to 20 – both seem to heat to about the same level. It takes just as long if not a hint longer to straighten my hair. There is a piece of plastic after the heating plates to keep them from pressing together too hard – it’s easy to close it on your hair accidentally which hurts (I usually don’t notice that this has happened until I start to slide it down my hair sometimes pulling hair out. Big design mistake in the product I think.)

Would I buy it again? No.
Will I continue to use it? Anyone want to buy it from me? I’ll sell it cheap… Probably not since I can straighten my hair to about the same extent with my large barreled curling iron and I don’t pull hair out accidentally with it.
Would I recommend this to anyone else? Probably not – it’s ok but I would probably try a different straightener if I had the chance. I’m still looking for a straightener that will give me that almost unnaturally straight look without having to spend a really long time getting there.

I’ll probably review the Conair large barrel curling iron that I use later in case you’re wondering. 🙂