REVIEW: Vidal Sassoon Professional Ion Select Dryer, 1875W, VS519

It’s no worse and no better than my previous hair dryer in most respects. One thing that I do like is that it has multiple heat settings – cool, warm, hot – which I didn’t have with my previous hair dryer (Revlon New Feel 1875) both have cool shot buttons you can use for a quick burst of cool air (but this one, as I mentioned, has cool as a setting as well.) I’ve been using this for several weeks with the negative ion setting on and I haven’t seen any improvement in the health of my hair. The size of the hair dryers is a bit on the large size but not unmanageable.

If you want it for the multiple heat settings I would recommend it. If you need a new hairdryer in general I would recommend it. But if you’re buying it because of the hype or think it will be a significant upgrade from an existing hairdryer, it doesn’t live up to its claims.

It’s still a good hairdryer by most standards, it just doesn’t perform miracles.