Ipsy Glambag August 2014 unboxing


Ipsy Glambag August 2014 unboxingewg skindeep cosmetics database score 5Glamglow Youthmud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment – eeee it’s a 5 with ewg’s cosmetics database. The big negative is the fragrance. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to try this one or not. It’s right there on the edge. A bit higher than I would like on the ratings but for using maybe once or twice I might consider it. I like a good mask…

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 2Urban Decay Perversion Mascara not waterproof or even water resistant. Therefor not my cup of tea. BUT it is a healthy 2 with the ewg skin deep cosmetics database so it does have that going for it. I just have now found some healthy AND waterproof mascara so I’m not even really interested in trying anything that isn’t waterproof.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 1Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner Uber healthy ingredients and ranks a 1 with the cosmetics database. No cones, no synthetic fragrances. Basically a healthy chapstick, no color. Plain, simple, healthy. Should be great for winter or for after the pool where the chlorine dries out my lips some.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 8Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil no cones, no fragrances but it does have parabens. This is the most unhealthy product I think I’ve been sent in awhile, ranking an 8. It is also the smallest black eyeliner sample I’ve seen. I went to check the price just to see if there was some reason the sample was so small but their online store is offline. So if you want to take advantage of the ipsy discount promo code right now you can’t.

ewg skindeep cosmetics database score 6Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo dimethicone rules this one out for me. It also uses parabens. It also ranks an unhealthy 6.  This looks pretty similar to the e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip but at $30 a bottle instead of $1. I will admit that since I’m not going to try this one there’s a chance that it may actually have more staying power than the elf product since the ingredients aren’t an exact match so it may be worth the money.

Given the other products that people were sent this month, I don’t think there were really better options. The few things that looked like I might be interested were ruled out by cones for me.

So some good chapstick. A little underwhelmed this month. But it does also come with a cute polka dot tube shaped makeup bag. 🙂



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Swatch – Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac

Urban-Decay-Moondust-Zodiac-eyeshadowUrban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac is a very complex neutral shade. In daylight the swatch looks more subtle but in artificial light the shimmer really pops. I couldn’t really capture this with photos so I decided to swatch it on my hand and do a video. It was a wet application of the eyeshadow in the video. When applied dry it’s much lighter and can be used more subtly.

Swatch video of Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac with in both natural and artificinal light:

I have included below some photos of both wet and dry applications on my eyes both in natural light as well as in my bathroom. (Nitpicking my up close photos – I don’t think anyone should ever be this close to my eyebrows but in the photos you get to see that I need to clean them up a little. Also a few photos it somehow looks like my eyeliner isn’t applied all the way down even though it is.) In photos: Everyday Minerals powder foundation, Mica Beauty liquid liner, Covergirl Waterproof mascara in black. That’s it. No other eyeshadows applied.