Lucy Perfect Core Women’s X-Training Pant

Lucy Activewear Free Shipping on $125+ (pnls photo)

Full disclosure: This is NOT a paid post (nor were the pants sent to me) but the ad to the left is an affiliate link. The pants were purchased via which I will also be reviewing in this post.

Lucy Fit guide:,default,pg.html

Sizing: I bought the Large short and they fit as expected. Make sure you measure your inseam to decide whether you need the regular or short. I was on the fence about sizes so I ordered up because of the compression (I sometimes wear a medium, sometimes a large.)

Fabric: The material is amazingly soft while not being too loose or see through. The quality is impressive. The seams are done such that they won’t rub or chafe. The material after the first wash still looks new; no pilling, no fuzz. These are not your average yoga pants. But for almost $90 (more on that in a minute) they should be better and they do meet that expectation.

Where I personally have a problem is the “strategically-placed mesh insets on the abdominals and lower back.” While this is intended to “remind you to keep your core engaged while it smoothes and shapes,” because I have some chronic lower back problems, it irritated my back. Not while simply wearing them but after a workout I felt like that area of my body had been worked out a little too much too quickly. I don’t want to get into exact medical details on this blog but let’s just say I’ve had problems and I’ve seen chiropractors.

This means it will be excellent for most people but if tight things near your lower back make your back hurt, you might want to pass on these pants.

Since I have had some pretty scary situations with my lower back, I’m actually going to sell these pants on ebay. Honestly I was really disappointed that my lower back was going to make me give these up so I will probably research and buy something else from Lucy soon because I really like the quality – if not pants then maybe a top.

I don’t need to be on top of trends when it comes to exercise wear so I will probably buy again through just in respect to discounts and because they often will have at least a few clearance Lucy items.

So on to a quick review of

  • You do have to sign up and create an account in order to be able to even shop.
  • You do NOT have to buy anything or deal with any monthly charges like birchbox or deal with “skip month” options like jewelmint.
  • This is considered a flash sale site but it tends to be made up of clearance items from top brands. That said, it’s still top brands and they are heavily discounted.
  • They do send several enewsletters per week. Usually announcing new products or a featured product category.

I was able to get the Lucy Perfect Core X-trainer yoga pants for $39.98 plus $7.98 S&H. That may still be the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of yoga pants but that is a DEEP discount from their original $89 price tag. The newer Perfect Core pants are $98!

Shipping both times I’ve ordered from them has been fairly prompt. I’m not sure I would schedule a vacation around an order arriving at an exact date and time but I would say they are fairly quick and timely. The packaging was good and there were no hassles.

If you love good deals on fitness gear, definitely go check them out:

Another thrifted clothing haul –
June 7 2012

So I needed a break from a particular project yesterday and ended up shopping for 3 hours … 3 hours was a little more than I was going for but I found some good finds.

Let’s start with my favorite piece that didn’t fit – the neon shirt. I SO wanted this to fit!!! I have been obsessed with neons and neutrals and this is SUCH a cute shirt!

Baltimore Design Group which I think is a Chadwick’s line.

Next up the black with tiny polka dot golf shorts. They’re a little higher waisted than I like so I’m debating whether these will go to consignment or not. I also don’t wear a lot of shorts. :/

Next up, the green skirt and the navy gap shirt. I have a picture of the skirt on me but I look like a watermelon because I was trying everything on with the hot pink tank. Which reminds me – the reason I put the clothes on the mannequin today was because my allergies are acting up and the scented detergent on them was bothering me.

Next up I have the Merona pink knit dress. Basic but something I can dress up or down. It will look better with a cardigan and some jewelry I think.

While I’m on a roll with pink, I’ll go ahead and show you the Gap Body sweater hoodie. A little out of season but in good condition and I didn’t want to pass it up.

And then the Talbot’s linen crop pants in mint. They’re a mint color that’s also hard to get a good photograph of but they were new with tags and a nice find. They have a bow tie that I’m thinking about converting to a D ring belt because I think the bow is a bit awkward looking on me. I’m also not a huge fan of cropped pants and typically try to avoid them but I kinda liked these a little too much to pass.

A couple more that I’m selling because they’re too small: BB Jeans blue tunic with embroidered detail, Ann Taylor tunic, Talbots pink skirt (new with tags again.)

And then a few more I’m keeping: Tommy Hilfiger black button up blouse with tiny polka dots (see a theme?), Express light flowy tank with black and white flowers, and The Limited short sleeve with gray stripe blouse.

And then the Talbots black and white skirt

And a couple more shirts – I can’t remember the brands at the moment but they’re both super soft and in great condition:

So yeah … about $50 worth – quite a nice haul for $50
(though I think they miscounted and my total ended up being $41.34 oops!)
Adds a lot more variety to my wardrobe.

And one more thing, not purchased yesterday but about a week ago,
the ties we thrifted for Tim.
$1.50 each plus $3.50 drycleaning (just gotta clean the thifted items.)

These were Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Club Room, Gap and DKNY!

I’m thinking about trying to take more photos of the outfits we’re putting together for Tim. Any interest in guy’s outfits posted here too?


Some recent business outfits

I recently snagged some new Chico’s pants (3 pair) when they went on sale for a day so I’ve been dressing up a bit more than usual. I know it sounds odd but I’m a jeans fan.
Let’s start with the pink (I’m surprised pink worked on me),  khaki and gold sort of look:

Chico’s Cavalry Twill Palazzo Pant | Chico’s Silky Top
J Crew sweater (similar | similar) | Nine West shoes (similar)

A close up of the shoes:

And then last Tuesday I ended up wearing purple, black and grey. Photos aren’t as good as those above because I was taking them really quick and only snapped three:
Chico’s Sweater | top from TJMaxx | Ralph Lauren necklace from TJ Maxx | Chico’s Magique Flare Leg Trouser Pant | Cap Toe Ballet Flats are Payless Claire Scrunch Flat dexflex by Dexter
By the evening I was calling the ruffles on this shirt “tentacles.” I also didn’t realize until recently when I grouped them in the closet that I have no less than 5 shiny, silky, satiny shirts. I really don’t know how that happened.
Anyway – hopefully it will give you some ideas on pants based business attire that doesn’t involve a suit or dress. 🙂
So tell me, on the things I tried to find similar matches, did I do ok?