6pm.com = RSVP shoes for $6.95 & Nine West for $14.95

I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but I do know the shoes seem to be going fast. I ended up buying 9 pairs of shoes for approximately $100 which meant I also got free shipping on nine pairs of shoes. Some of my purchase was more practical than exciting but you really can’t beat 9 pairs of shoes that normally run$60-$90 EACH for about $100 total.

Below is what I bought (click to go to their page on 6pm.com):


Dries Van Noten shoes

I have wanted these shoes for a long time but can’t bring myself to fork over that much money for a pair of heels I will rarely wear (I love the look of heels but even the most comfy heels bother one of the toes on my left foot after more than 2 hours.)


Sorry to the ebay seller I nabbed the image from – the other place I’ve seen these shoes with good photos is Sea of Shoes’ blog but I think it’s got slightly different beading – I don’t remember the big stone on that right shoe (pictured on the left.)

I’ve been mentally trying to come up with a way to convert a pair of flats into something that might look similar but it’s going to take me awhile since I’ll have to find beads and do the hand beading myself (I don’t think I can get a cobbler to do that part of the project.) And no, I will not be copying them exactly.