Kohl’s Shoes: Candie’s Caposh in taupe & Simply Vera Wang platform heels in black

I’m a little behind on sharing my recent clothes purchases and outfits. Since I’ve got some more pictures with these shoes I’ll go ahead and start with them. 

So at some point in a random shopping trip I had tried on the Vera Wang Platform heels in black  (labeled “Dali” on the box) at Kohl’s and hadn’t bought them. I also loved the blue and neon yellow pair but couldn’t rationalize them as a purchase. Both stuck in my mind so I decided to go back for at least the black pair. Aren’t they pretty! 

Simply Vera Wang black pump from Kohl's

Ok they’re basic black but still, a step up from the last pair of black heels I bought. Wow again – it’s been 3 years since I bought a pair of black heels?

Then I spotted Candie’s Caposh in faux suede taupe with a chunky heel. They were only $19 (marked down from $59.99) with a “limited quantity” sticker.

They look so lonely right?
They say “take me with you Hilary…” Can’t you hear them?

Candie's Caposh in Taupe faux suede

Anyway, fabulous chunky heel, lovely soft color. And though I’m not a huge fan of suede or faux suede I don’t think I would have liked these in regular leather.

Candie's Caposh in Taupe faux suede

I think these will go well with a lot of outfits and the chunky heel and platform make them a bit easier to wear.

So here’s the little bit of drama related to these shoes:
I got to the cash register at Kohl’s to check out with my shoes and they do the usual check to make sure there’s nothing else in the box and that the shoes are a matching pair and match what the box says they are. The shoes were an 8.5 for the left and an 8 for the right! I hadn’t even noticed, I’m guessing because my left foot is a hint larger than my right anyway. The cashier says “I’ll have to check and see if we can find the other one or else we can’t sell you these.” Who, what!! NOOOOOO!!!!! Ok go check. Stay calm.

Someone comes back with another set that are mismatched. But they match them up so it looks like we have two left in 8.5 and two right in 8’s. I say “they fit as they were and I’m willing to buy them mismatched anyway.” They say “we can’t sell them to you, you could check another store though.” To which I respond “but they’re ‘Limited Quantity’ and they fit, I don’t care that they’re mismatched!” and in my head I’m thinking that I didn’t see these shoes at the other Kohl’s which is a good 45 miles away from the one I’m at anyway. So one woman goes off to check some manual or maybe call someone and as I’m standing trying the shoes on at the register again just to prove that they fit I realize that they don’t have two left 8.5 and two right 8’s – they got confused when trying to match them and actually have a set of 8.5 and a set of 8’s!

So disaster averted!

But I still have to wonder why they wouldn’t have sold me a mismatch pair if their match wasn’t anywhere in the store. I’m sure it’s just some policy taken one step too far, but still perplexing.

Have you ever had a cashier refuse to sell you merchandise because of some store policy taken too far?

What I wore today – Jan 11, 2012

I’ve been loving these leopard ballet flat’s I picked up on sale after Christmas at Kohl’s. I had been eyeing them for awhile but had them on my Christmas wish list so I had resisted buying them.

And the shirt, it’s not something I would normally pick up because of the bow and the waistband that makes it look tucked in. I liked wearing it though and it’s uber comfy too.

As a side note: have you ever had an article of clothing that you love and wear often and then you see a pic of yourself in it and go “eeee they do this weird thing here…. That’s not flattering.” Well I think in all the years I’ve owned them, the brown pants have never been photographed. And I took a lot of pictures today before I got one where the crotch area doesn’t look strange. They’ve gone from favorite pants to “errr maybe It’s time to go pants shopping.”


What I wore today … well … umm a few days ago…

Well it’s better than a photo from a few months ago this time. I’m so happy with my new palm tree and I brought in one of my granny’s chairs from the garage not expecting it to look so good. I’m loving the whole new arrangement though.

POTD April 1 2009

Earrings: Liz Claiborne silver oval hoops – Christmas gift
(probably about $18)

Necklace: Kmart clearance $1.50

Cardigan: Ann Taylor – gift
(Mom bought for me while we were in Vegas at the Outlet mall so $10? I think my teal one was the $30 Cardigan)

Dress: No idea, swapped some makeup for it so mostly free.

Scarf: vintage (either my mom’s or granny’s, not sure)

Flip Flops: Kohl’s clearance $2 or under last summer
(they’re bronze and I probably should have worn dressier shoes)

I really like this dress and there are a few things you can’t tell about it in this photo:

  • it’s a nice chocolate brown
  • it has a brown crocheted section across the chest area which is a nice bit of detail without calling too much attention to that area
  • it’s a simple cotton dress and feels like wearing a big comfy t-shirt
  • it has an elastic empire waist
  • it’s a sort of cross between a sleeveless and capped sleeve … I don’t really know how to describe it.

In an effort to get the slippery scarf to stay in one place I actually tied it around the button cardigan which I don’t know that I would do again. It worked really well in regard to keeping the scarf in place and centered but I felt like it has the potential to wear out the cardigan faster or lose the button or misshape the button hole.

Anyone have any scarf belt tricks? I’m thinking about buying some more fun fabrics and making more if I can get that figured out a bit better.

And I’m starting to wonder if I know the price of most of my clothes off of the top of my head like some odd sort of visual memory recall… scary…

FYI – I live in what used to be my grandmother’s house hence the sort of oddness about chairs from the garage and not knowing who the scarf belonged to. I did actually find it here. It took me three months I think to get to the point that I could move in and I’ve been slowly cleaning everything out ever since (my mom is a packrat and stopped helping after I moved in because she doesn’t want to part with any of it.)