What I wore today – sorta

This is actually not today but something I wore sometime last week and couldn’t get to upload with my phone. The shirt is a new-to-me chico’s shirt I picked up thrifting.

And then a scary photo of my closet. It’s not normally organized by color but I had some colors grouped by accident and wondered if I had an excess of any particular color. Turned out, though it’s hard to tell in the picture, I have a lot of white short sleeve shirts at the back there (that I don’t wear much.)

What I Wore Today – Friday Oct 8

Raspberry Polo ~$5 end of season kmart
Jeans ~$10 walmart on sale (I had to hem them)
Mia Brown ballet flats ~$80 zappos.com (a few years ago)

I think one of the reasons I don’t post more photos of what I wear is because I tend to get in the habit of wearing similar things for several weeks before switching to something only slightly different. And to be honest, what I wear most of the time is fairly simple and practical.

I’ll post 2 sweaters I thrifted today in a couple of days. I think one of the plugins I added is keeping me from posting from my phone. And I probably need to track down my camera instead of using my phone to take photos anyway. 🙂

What I Wore Today … a few months ago…

Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ll explain at another time. I may not be around much for awhile longer but I’m not abandoning this blog and I wanted to go ahead and get this image online.

I wanted to start posting more outfits that I’ve worn so here’s the first. It’s pretty simple but I like it and the pieces are versatile (and cheap):

Dec 2008 WIWT


Corduroy Jacket – “So…” brand found at Goodwill $5
Grey short-sleeved turtleneck – “Love Lola” brand Dillard’s $11
Jeans – AE hipster $39
Black square toe ballet flats – “Mossimo” Target $20
I may not always know the costs on the outfits but on this one I do.

Let me know what you think. 🙂