Blouses of a different color

Since I’m looking for the perfect white blouse right now, I’m coming across some other cute blouses that wanted to make a note of. Esprit Cotton jaquard shirt $65 from White and beige stripe with silver detailing. Nice, simple but different in a good way. Delia’s Mackenzie Shirt $28 from Ok, so it’s… Continue reading Blouses of a different color

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Rainboot Madness

I started shopping on Amazon recently for some shoes. I found a cute pair of rain boots and one rain boot led to another. The items below are all under $70. I also found a good selection from Target for $20 but through amazon’s link program the images wouldn’t show up which means I’m going… Continue reading Rainboot Madness


Clothing Cult is a new blog for the clothing addicted. Right now there’s not much to see but in the future we hope to have news, reviews, and plenty of items to drool over. Formatting will change over time to make the site an easy to use reference as well. Make sure you bookmark us… Continue reading Hello!