Shower Water Filters?

When you live in an apartment you can’t easily add a whole house water filter to your water system.

One of the IT items floating around in articles on the internet right now is a shower water filter from Jonathan Product available at Sephora I think part of the reason people are talking is that it’s $95 with $55 replacement filters (that you’re supposed to change out every 3 months.) That’s over $200 per year.

Beauty Addict asks whether the product is real or a gimmick:

The story is gimmicky but the product isn’t. It isn’t a new product either.

I bought a shower water filter 5 years ago. Granted I took out the filter at some point when I didn’t have the money to buy a new one but that’s another story. Where I live now I really think it’s time to buy a new filter.

I bought mine from Real Goods I beleive they have been bought by for a lot less than the Jonathan one… what they seem to be selling now is a silver version of what I have in white plastic and is $68 with $28 replacement filters.

Looks like Home Depot has one for $20 (the shower head unit) but like the Jonathan version, it doesn’t have a corded sprayer you can spray down your tub with (something I like.) But it looks like you can put the spray-head of your choice on after the filter.

Do water filters really make a difference? YES! I have a pur water filter on my kitchen sink – I put a pot of water on to boil because my house needed the humidity. I did one pot of regular tap water and the hard water left a large amount of minerals once the water boiled down – it was actually white on the pan. Then I tried with the purified water … a LOT less white when it boiled down.

Another trick for stripping the hard water build up out of your hair – dunk or pour apple cider vinegar over your hair. (This may not be a good idea if you have color treated hair – I’m not sure how it affects the color.) Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes (it BURNS.) Go about shaving your legs or whatever and then wash like you would normally afterwards (or twice with shampoo if you think you still smell of vinegar and then your conditioner.)

REVIEW CoverGirl DIY makeup palette

Here’s the thing, it’s drugstore cheap BUT it’s more expensive than buying a palette that they’ve preselected for you. At around $3 for a case (or $6 with two lipglosses already in it) and around $4 per color, it comes to $14-19.

It’s still about half the cost of buying a department store brand (think MAC).

I like my lipglosses in a tube, thankyouverymuch, so I opted for the blank case and four eyeshadows. I bought: Shimmering Onyx, deep rich black with sparkles; Aubergine Queen, deep burgundy red with the tiniest hint of purple with sparkles; Swiss Chocolate, a milk chocolate-y brown shimmery (no sparkly bits but not matte); and Champagne, a nice light eggshell colorwith a touch of pink (also not matte but with no glittery bits.)

There are 14 shades of eyeshadow to choose from, 7 shades of lipgloss and 21 shades of lipcolor – not bad.

For those of you who are used to using the little eyeshadow or lipgloss brushes being enclosed in the case, this doesn’t have a place for you. I just invested in some good brushes so it doesn’t bother me (some cheap but good quality from e.l.f. for $1 each and one expensive smudge brush from

I opened up my little packets to plop the trays into the pallet and for a split second I thought “how are these going to stay in? They aren’t a tight fit…” Then after a moment I relized that the trays were metal and the pallet was magnetic. Fine for me because I don’t throw more than my lipgloss in my purse (remember the tubes of lipgloss?) But I’m a little concerned for those of you who want something to throw in your purse … because, raise your hand, how many of you carry electronics in that purse? Cell phone? Palm? Ipod? Digital Camera? Credit Cards? (I’ll rant another time about magnets on purse closures.) So just a word of warning. Maybe someone will do a test on the strength of the magnet and see if it’s not worth worrying about, but until then I wouldn’t risk my electronics.

As for the eyeshadows themselves, I tried them applied dry and in layers and they looked wonderful. I could achieve a light look for daytime or go heavier for a more glamourous or night look. I also tried applying it with a wet brush which gave me an incredible night look since the colors I picked out were mostly pretty dark and wet you can’t apply it as lightly.


  • Quality product
  • Reasonable price
  • Good colors
  • Good variety

  • Magentic case
  • No place for a small brush(s)
  • Not as cheap as premade CoverGirl cases

WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? There are two other eyeshadows I liked, I would buy more if they make a few more shades to choose from so I could fill another palette or if I run out of one of my current shades. So…Yes.

If you’ve tried this product and love it or hate it, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner

st_ives_swiss_formula_hair_repair_intensive_conditioning_treatmentI wanted to post a follow up on my e-mail to St. Ives that I mentioned before. They wrote back in response to my inquiry of where to purchase the product. The news wasn’t good however:

“…Unfortunately, due to low consumer demand the St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner was discontinued, and is no longer available in our warehouses. We are sorry that we were unable to assist you with your request.”

Obviously some people liked this product- rephrase that, loved this product – myself included. And we’re scouring the web for it. I looked at my web stats today and for 3 days of November I’ve already had one hit from someone looking for this St. Ives product.

If anyone can recommend a good substitute for this product, please do!


UPDATE April 2013: It’s 8 years later and I STILL get approximately 100 unique visitors PER MONTH on this post alone. Clearly people are still searching for this product!

Link to EWG with ingredient list: