Ipsy ingredients didn’t match the bottle… :/

So the ingredients listed here on the ipsy site:

ipsy ingredients dont match whats on the bottle

Did not match the ingredients listed on the bottle.


The Theorie website ingredient list appears to be accurate and match the bottle:

Theorie argan oil ingredient list



Just a warning because I thought the ingredient list was a little more reliable on the website. I have allergies, ingredients I avoid and ingredients that cause painful zits for me so reviewing the ingredients and having the ingredients be accurate is of the utmost importance for me.

Everyday Minerals, I love your quality but I’m breaking up with you…

3 Everyday Minerals products I used DAILY you’ve now discontinued. It’s been over the last … 4 years but they were staples.


Last year the Everyday Minerals Sand Jojoba base foundation powder was labeled something that worried me (“vintage jojoba base”) and I swear someone assured me it would NOT be discontinued (they did – see the end of the linked to post.) Now it is discontinued despite assurances that it wouldn’t be. It’s NOT been merged with the current jojoba base line. And there’s no equivalent shade.

Everyday Minerals I love your quality but I'm breaking up with you

So despite your amazing quality, I think I’m going to have to break up with you. 
Changing foundations is such a headache. I still miss the pressed powder and raw sugar bronzer and now I guess I’ll miss the sand jojoba base as well. I hope you understand the breakup, I’m tired of being led to believe I found “the one” I can spend the rest of my life with (or a more significant portion of my life with) only to have it discontinued. I need reliability too. I just really hate that it’s come to this…