What would you wear to an outdoor wedding?

Well my sister’s wedding was last weekend and I had four dresses to choose from. It was an outdoor wedding, casual but not too casual. I knew I wanted to wear a pair of wedge shoes so I wouldn’t sink into the ground in heels but it took me a little while to decide which dress made sense.

These were the dresses I chose from:

  1. Maybe too funky for a wedding.
  2. It wasn’t very spring looking even with the flowers. Seemed a little too formal for a daytime spring wedding.
  3. Looked great but didn’t photograph as well as the others. I think the flowers were too blobby and nondescript.
  4. Perfect fit again but a little more casual. If it had been a friend’s wedding instead of my sister’s I probably would have worn this because it’s the one I was most comfortable in.

So which one did I choose? I chose dress #1 because it fit really well, it was spring-like, and it was sunny the day of the wedding. I also had made sure my sister wasn’t going to tease me and tell me I had palm trees or feathers growing out of my midsection. :)

Which one would you have chosen?

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